How did I Do it?

Knowing then About me is by looking at my Testimony.DSC02407 (2)

I am just a simple woman who loves my Family, my children and God. My hobby is reading books, playing guitar, writing songs, blogging, vlogging, painting and etc. etc…..

I am a mother of two Children named Cyruz and Vanessa, I was born in 1986. Born from the Mountains of Baguio City Philippines and grew up in the streets of Malcom Square park. We were one of the vendors. I grew up in a very poor family, I am the eldest of four. I have experienced child abuse, and at my teenage years I was sexually abused by relatives and have been from a raped in 2003.

As a child, I have interest in many things such as Music, Art and Images. I am actually very bad in my academics. So I am way way too dumb for those subjects like math. I grew up in a less fortunate family and our daily needs is met by selling duck eggs and serving sandwhich and coffee in the streets. If you have visited Baguio City in the 90s you would have known how it looked there. In my childhood days, I was mostly busy cutting papers in school, my favourite subject was english, science (except the terms about chemistry and microbiology). I cut paper dolls and draw them, I sketched alot and used alot of graphite or sometimes charcoal. They are cool I promise.

My childhood memories weren’t easy. I grew up with such responsibility to look after my siblings and since my environment is less fortunate, I have to help the family make it through the day. I am very tactical at my age when I was 8. I could find many ways to earn money and I have so many ideas to produce things to earn. So, we get by. And I love that skills we gain in poverty and sufferings.

At school as a child, I have been bullied and wasn’t liked. Probably because I already think differently. I speak as I wanted to and it was difficult to express myself towards other children. So sometimes, I end up in fights and it is also the same at home. I didnt experienced being a child due to the huge responsibility I was forced to face and handle.

My interest in music was great. I am influenced by the hiphop, RnB, Ballad and even the 80s songs. I remember I used to sing Eminems Cleaning out my closet or Ushers song. So I sing sometimes. So its a blended interests. When I was 10 years old, I have always dreamt of having my own camera and I have never had one lol.
As my years turns into teenage years, I have suffered small symptoms of depression due to abuse and molestation. So by cutting papers and sketching, I tried to keep myself busy. So I won’t remember any of it at all. The situation has never been talked about and as a child, I wasn’t interested in making friends with other teens too. I thought it was unnecessary and I was afraid to get hurt.

I kept sketching everyday, or sometimes walking in the mountains and in my lowest moments I am awake late at nights waiting for the sky to show its stars. I’m usually awake at 2am to watch the moon and the stars. I dream that One day, I will be able to do my dream… To express myself in beautiful pictures. When and how? I don’t have any idea how I will get there.

In 2007, I came to Sweden. The new life begins. A dream is be born. I lived in Jönköping County about two hours drive from Gothenburg. The place was quiet and it was culture shock for me. But these new place gave me a chance to know myself better far from my family. I’ve learned Independence and Courage.

So as time goes by and I got married and got children, my interests never died out. They were still here inside of me waiting to be explored. I painted some stuff from time to time using acrylics and I wasn’t yet focused at those times. I was more interested in Sketching portraits, drawing small and big stuff, trying myself out. And in those years of 2007, I started freelancing as a photographer, just a hobby. It went well, I had some private clients then. I even created a youtube channel that I never knew what to do about it.
In 2012, I have learned to play the guitar. I swear the people around me almost died in listening to my tunes. But thats the process of learning, someone have to try and somebody else have to suffer hahaha!

In 2013, I started painting in hidden. So I studied Arts from time to time and read from the advices of the ones who are already living the dream. In 2016 I started to take my painting, photography seriously. It gave birth in 2018. When I started to paint, I realised I have grown so much. And I was open to changes and new learning that comes my way. I have learned to face my fears. My youtube channel that was non-sense content started to become my Art channel and grew. In 2019, I presented my first exhibit about my painting through Swedish Cultural Newspaper. It had been seen across Scandinavian countries. And Since that day, I have learned many things. My perspective changed. Same year of 2019, I joined Artists Network and started my Art teaching career Online. From there, I have been teaching art personally to clients and also taking photos of people, places and items.

So I believe that dreams can become true if you digest yourself into it and learn the process of waiting. And while you wait for the right time, Jump into the oppurtunities of learning. Learn as much as possible and take the oppurtunities that comes your way. Accept the critcs and make them as tools to development. I know that you as well can make it.

I hope you enjoy them Be blessed
Love and Care
Rochelle Rosenberg

Now I continued living life as a student of Torah, writing, singing, painting and speaking in small gatherings for encouragement and upliftment.


My Personal Story

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