Songs For Life

Here are the Songs And POEMS I wrote over the years and How they became new to me everytime.

I am writing songs since I was 8. And I started writing poems about life, love and courting… and faith about God, salvation and mostly poems about intimacy and family relationship and short ideas and sung and humm them mostly hidden. But through the years it became my desire and I’ve learned eventually to sing songs that are more generally known in different genres like Pop, Country, Ballad, Jazz. I am influenced mostly 75% of Country Songs, and a little influences of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.

In writing poems, I am influenced by Philippine folklores, epic poems by Francisco Balagtas, Chinese Literature e.g. Dynasties of Tang, Qing, and Song and Japanese Tanka Poetry

In that sense, Since I became a devoted Believer and follower of Jesus I dedicated to write only encouragement, hope, my own personal experiences to Faith, Life and Family Relationship. I write in poems and songs about my personal views regarding intimacy and love hope and truth. And All in all, I write the THE ESSENCE and ATTRIBUTES of God and the Salvation He brings to mankind.

I hope you enjoy them Be blessed
Love and Care



Watch “Lord Ikaw ang True Love ko – Rochelle” on YouTube



In the beginning of my Singing, these is the very first memory of my first songs that I couragedly posted on Youtube: