Poetry for Life

When It Rains The rain falls on the ground
Kissing leaves of every plant
As you keep me to stand still
Sending your waters from heavens
I can’t hold my emotions
So I cry under the rain
Watching every drop touch my face
My heart sings in amaze

Coz when it rains all the errors are fading
I am nurtured to grow from within
The water drowns me inside
But like a seed, when it rains I’ll be safe
Coz when it rains all the sorrows are fading
I am meant to grow from within
I know that after the struggles
The sun will rise to bring me out of the soil
When it rains

As the sky becomes so dark
We might find a place to hide
The thunder screams I feel it in my heart
And the rain falls like a river
Telling me that I’m gonna be alright
When it rains I can’t hold my emotions
Im letting flow with all the notions
Coz I know, the sunshine will rise so soon..


Late at Night
My mind is busy with thoughts of you
And I tell myself, is this for real?
All the things you do
And how you make me feel
I can lay at night.. just smiling
How you hold my hand, replaying

And I toss and turn in bed
Wishing you are here instead
I just cant fall asleep…
Ive been thinking of your kiss…

My mind is busy with the future
And I tell myself, this time Im sure
All the dreams we planned
We can built it…together

And I can lay at night awake
Dreaming with my eyes wide open
All the things we were talking
Im excited what will happen

And I toss and turn in bed
Wishing you were here instead
And kiss of your ur lips
All thats running in my head

Refined through Time

The tragedies of pain
The cries are like rain
But if we look at its aim
We know what we will gain

Oh how shallow
That men forget the shadow
Of salvation God bestow
Only in deep repentance you’d know

That pure gold is in fire proven
The olive oil keep the fire burnin
And all the crushing of the waves
And the struggles in our heads
Humble and wise we shaped

Let your eyes see,
The salvation is free
Release your soul from this world
And you’ll gain a New Rebirth
-Rochelle Rosenberg

It’s Easy… But

Its easy to tell others to forgive
But still anger resides inside
Its easy to tell others to give
But such a difficult task
Its easy to tell others to love
While they have an angry heart
Its easy to tell others to listen
But the ears dont hear enough
Its easy to tell others to fight
But not knowing whats wrong and right
Its easy to hear a song
Spoken words met rejection
Its easy to say i love you
But time reveals whats true
Its easy remember promises
But forgetting its reasons
Its easy to have a dream
But not willing to take the course
And its easy to write a poem
But difficult to write from your soul.


Apple Blossoms By the River

The sky gives a lovely sunset

Inviting me to think of you

And I looked far from where you are

Remembering your loving arms

Among the trees nearby a river

We met and embraced by the apple tree

As the apple blossoms watched near

I closed my eyes, I finally found my dear

I remembered you from time to time

Your voice, your face, even your tight embrace

How you gazed and touched my head

You made me forget the tears I shed.

Among the trees nearby a river

We met and kissed by the apple tree

The apple blossoms timid perfumesFlying birds had sung our love songs.

If Only

Deep within my mind I struggle

Thoughts have been roaming there

My eyes are dim flowing like a river

My heart is aching, I shiver

And I wonder how we end this way

Somewhere We lost each other

I admit theres things we falter

And the end is coming nearer

If I could say whats on my mind

I dont wanna let you go away

I cant imagine without you by my side

Can we do it all again

If I could say whats on my heart

I wish you could stay

But I cant stop the things to happen now

You’re free to go anyway..

Time had ran so fast

And words had never been spoken

My nightmares are frightening

My heart is fainting, I shiver

And I wonder how I end this way

Somewhere I lost myself

I admit theres things I falter

And my end is coming near

It Is Finished

Like an arrow shot the deer

Death slowly raging in

But it can never be compared

To the sacrifice you made

Sent to the world to see

You defeated all the lies

Still in joy You obeyed

Till the end of your breath

The earth and heaven shaked

And you said…

It is finished now

The cursed has broken down

The darkness is gone

I am the way

You’re free to come

You’re free to come

It is finished now

Lay all your hearts down

Be washed away

Be saved today

You’re free to come

You’re free to come

Every stripe you received

Described how much you cared

Your love compassed all hearts

Even God was pleased in sight

Showed in all peoples eyes

How you lived your life

You touched peoples lives

With grace you have come

And in joy you obeyed

Layed your life so we could live

And you said..


I am a lost treasure hidden underneath

And my eyes had never seen its sight

Ive never been touched by skilled hands

Never been held in a loving arms.

And deep down inside my soul

I want you to know that I’m waiting

Waiting for the one to find me

From deep within to dig me up

Ive heard the rumors of stones

Held by the eyes with bliss

And as for me its been years

Still waiting for you to find me.

As a diamond, deep in the dark

Ive been pressed through

I stood the process of

But I am not yet found

Among the stones I am waiting

And I have been hidden under…

The earth..

By Your Side

Hello darling, what bothers you
Let’s take a walk outside
Let me hold your hand
Tell me what’s in your heart
Let’s take a deep breath
And let the sun pass your eyes
Let it out of your mind
I’ll be here by your side
When the world seems getting small
And the people seems too tall
When your heart seems breaking apart
I’ll be here.. I’ll be here by your side
Darling don’t you worry too much
You know you don’t need to say a lot
While your thoughts are running wild
I’ll be here.. here by your side
Let’s take a long walk
I’ll go wherever you want
Let me ease your mind
I’ll be right by your side..


Lines we speak sometimes are long
Long enough can’t bear to listen
Lines we speak sometimes are short
Short enough to hear at all
And the words just pass us by
As the days keep running dry
I can’t bear the silence
Can we fix this problem now
I promise I’ll listen to every word you say
And let my heart be open
I promise to hear every word you say
Let’s put aside the judgement
Let the words be spoken
And let my eyes give attention
I’ll put away my pride
Lets do it from the start…
Lines sometimes can be an answer
And words can be like running water
Where every lines can mean so much
It gives grace and mends a broken heart
So I apologise for the times I missed
I realised Ive left you in abyss
Now I want to change all that
I want to know you from the start
Words are meant to be gracious
And words shall give life
my words will now be tender
This time I will be careful
I promise to speak in kindness
A heart with love and grace
I lay my hands with tenderness
And hold you with caress…

Have You ever Thought?

Have you ever wonder
How the sun rises up
As the birds humm and soar
You witness the beauty above
Have you ever seen a mountain
That boasts its beauty on top
As the trees are dancing
When the wind touches your hands
Have you ever wonder
Who made all of what we see with our eyes
The One who make the heavens roar
And the clouds gather in army
As the thunder shouts to honor
And the rain falls to nurture
The One who holds our breath
As we live the daily bread
His mercy falls upom our head
And His love never ends…
The One who divides the sea
And shut the lions to prey
As He sets the People free
And brings them to His presence
Have you ever wonder how a woman
Carries and give birth to a child
Have you ever spoken a word to someone
That eased a broken heart
Have you ever watch the ocean
Embracing lives in its depth
Have you ever think of generations
What will their future holds
Have you ever wonder
Who put all this together
Written by:
Rochelle Rosenberg


When I am sad
The Lord lift my head high
And when the tears fall down
He catches them with His bare hands
When I feel alone
And my soul mourn
The Lord shows me Im home
And his love keeps me going
To where I should go…. along
His light leads the way
As the truth be known
Because I know… im hommmeee
I’m home in His arms
He cares for me thats true
Everyday my strength is new
He never leaves
He wont forsake you
And leads you home….
When the road seemed
Too narrow to walk
And the hills seems to
Fall over my head
His presence cover me
He holds me in His hands
His wings become my shelter
And when I look above the sky
The Lord tells me Im home…
Im home in the arms of a King
A gentle voice like waters in my ears
Im strong in the arms of a King
With a power of thunder and lighting
When I feel i am to falter
He raise me up with thousand angels
To show me I dont need to look away…
Im already home…


När du kom till världen
Och gav oss himmelen
Frälsning av människan
Fanns i dina händer
Vem skulle tänka sig

Att du ska ge ditt liv för mig

Att du ska ge mig frid
Och jag blir född på nytt
Jag står här framför dig
Med tacksamhet för allt du gjort för mig
Herre min skapare
Du är mitt liv och glädje
Jag står här framför dig
Och jag minns hur du räddat mig
Med lovsång från mitt hjärta
Jag tackar dig, Jag tackar dig
När jag lärde känna dig
Känns som solen alltid skiner
Jag ser hur livet vänder
Och ditt ord mig vägleder
Jag känner mig trygg i din famn
Min frälsare, Guds lamm
Som tar bort alla synder
Och kärleken övervinner allt

Disciple life

There are roads to salvation
It takes a heart of devotion
It teaches you to be a godly person
Until you are ready to do the mission
When everybody thinks it’s the end
Let your heart be strong and
look in the steps of Jesus
When the road is divided in your eyes
Do not let your heart be weakened
Look in the ways of Jesus
The journey never ends
Believe and have faith and say
Lead me Jesus…
As Jesus says I am sending you all
Heal the sick and preach the Gospel
This is what I have you called
To pull down every stronghold
I will be with you..
I will never leave you..

The Brave Lass

She leaped with joy one afternoon
She will meet the lad in town
With hopes and dreams
She had everything in mind
The sun was bright in Three noon
And she met him in bloom
Then their love story began
And then they became One
Years went by her heart grew in love
She cherished him within her heart
Her breast mounted for his eyes
And she touched him with gentle hands
She surrounded him with song and dance
And she praised him with loving arms.
Yet one day the lad bid farewell
His mind is occupied somewhere else
His eyes looked far while she’s there
Yet she kissed his feet to stay
And did more sacrifice each day
Yet she cannot stop him to go
He have to leave without delay
With tears she can liberate him today.

You are My God

You are the glory of my head
You are the saviour I needed
You are my life and my passion
In Your Spirit I am strong
And this is who I am in You
This is who I am…in You
When the mountains stood against me
You sustained me with strength
I moved the mountains through faith
And the ocean calmed in Praise
When my soul is weak and tired
You told me not to be afraid
You filled my heart with grace
And this is who I am in You..
You are the air that I breath
You are my refuge and my hidaway
You are the beat of my heart
and the light of my way
you are the one who makes me blessed
in Your Spirit I am strong
and this is who I am in you
this is who I am.. in you
When my heart is broken
You saw me crying and catched my tears
When everything seemed failing
You made my knees strongly standing
You held me with your power
And surrounded me with your angels
Your love had driven away my fears
and in your arms I am home
this is who I am., in you


Who would dare to look at her
Nor dare to speak a word
The walls revealed a broken wings
There was help to cure the means
Her transgressions were exposed
And her secrecy were concealed
Yet when turned and made a step
Unknowingly commited an offense
And transgressions before the sight
Made a heart repent and realise

Yet a sinner she is in all their sight
Never remembered there was a light
Said Lets pray and lead your path
Still she felt imprisoned at heart
Indirectly a sign was given to her
Each one of them depart
The storm is passing and shes alone
As for others God forgives
Still the lost woman drowns and bleeds.

Her cries were heard on cement walls
The bed were drowned in screaming calls
Yet shes a sinner not needed to hear
And as though repentance was clear
Still their words breaks to rear
While God was merciful and forgiving
Her people keep sins in reminding
And she rise up but theres a huge grasp
And for a while a minute of repentance
A sinner forever in their eyes.

Written by:

Rochelle Rosenberg