If you wish to help us in our Ministry in Philippines. Please send your heartly given donations here:


I am Karla Rochelle Rosenberg, 32 years old, singlemom. I have two children and my profession is nurse assistant. Filipina and a Follower of Yeshua and currently living in Sweden.
I have the heart for the Gospel and for the orphans from my country.
I would like to make it possible for the street children to live a normal life and to help them be educated by the help of friends to teach them to read and write.
My goal is to raise funds for these possibilities to make come true.
I myself grew up in a slump area, I grew up in the streets of Baguio City Philippines. The Lord God is gracious, I’ve got the possibility to come to Sweden and become a blessing to others.
As a Disciple and Follower of Yeshua, we go our way in the streets and gather the street children and possibly to find a solution to help them, wether by seeking a shelter or by school.

I have started this Mission in 2013 and I started in One family with 2 children. Through circumstances the kids became four. And along the journey we have met different sort of children and teenagers of both girls and boys.

some of the street children does not have parents or neglected by their families. Some of them have lived under the bridges and riversides. some are girls and boys whom have been sexually assaulted either by family or unknown people. some of these orphans are blind since birth. and some of them have been neglected by the government. therefore needed are in need of assistance.
One mission of this goal and fund is to make awareness for the street orphans to avoid drug addiction and prostitution, and to make it possible by educating them and teaching the word of God since its the only tool that we have used to encourage them and make a change in their lives even from the beginning.

Among the goals of this mission is to also support the families who cannot afford sending their children to school.

We are in the streets and even have outreach to the areas far from city, villages that are isolated from civilisation. (of course we are aware of dangers like terrorists and bandits that would hinder us) to preach the gospel and to find a way to help children and teens in need of assistance.
Please help us to make it possible.
The workers/missionaries/volunteers are college/ high school/parents/students and me.

The Donations that you will be sending will come to the blinds, children, families, and even to the young workers of the Gospel eg Pastor, Preacher, Evangelists and those Missionaries entering the isolated villages.

For other donations like US and other countries
, paypal is also available. ==>>> P A Y P A L _ D O N A T I O N _ H E R E <<< ===
Send me a message and i will be right back…!
I hope that you also will help us make a change for these families and youth as a follower of Jesus..
with love and peace,
Sister Karla Rochelle Rosenberg

Updates 2018 June

We had now been updating the informations of our orphans and the families we are supporting. This year and month of May, We had gathered in a new information and we are glad to present to you that Our Sophia had gained a lot of school certifications for her outstanding performance in her studies. And her brother got a lot of oppurtunities to take in school. This year though is very tight. We have met some obstacles and struggles because of illness and unhappy things happened. One of the blinds passed away (May the Lord receive his soul). ANd also as one passed away, One boy at 8years old whom is an orphan arrived in our care. He will start this June to school. And we also have few families on the que yet due to the financial situation of our Ministry so we have to wait until we can support them also. I hope that the Lord will send us what we need and help for these people in need. God bless you all!

I am thankful for the people who continually helps us and bear with us in this ministry. We all are part of this workmanship together. Be blessed and i wil update more for some news.

Updates 2017 December

Now we have had the meeting with the person who took care of the blind people.
We have Bernadette who is in charge of taking care of few street children and in cooperation with her we make possibilities for families to have the oppurtunity to afford studies for their children.

and from our recent Visit to them we received a good change and new results regarding these children. We have young ladies teens whom were transformed into Christ and few of them got changed in life. Some had found an ordinary lives and some had found a family. The year 2017 was a bit sad coz it was filled with struggles. Few children died. One died in a car accident, the other is a newborn that died without anal. But…. let us look at the amazing things that has happened. One guy that we have met in 2015 whom were a street resident before and was much depressed, This year, he have finally found ajob and I luckily visited him in his work place. so Much to that he was so shocked to see me and it was a pleasure to see how God changed his life into abundance. His life with Christ though is not sure if he continues.

When we reached the Blind peoples house. There are many changes that happened. Thank God of heaven once again for faithful donators for making it possible for them to live in a normal home. We are able to reconstruct their rooftops and provide them some medications regarding asma maintenance. They are healed but due to the pollution as they refuse to stay home and sit in the bench to beg so they get more sickness in lungs as per weather changes and smoke belching problems caused by cars.

There is a family that our mission supports. it is almost a family to us and the children are growing. This child when I met her, she was just 5 and very skinny. Now she is 10 years old and a living testimony to Jesus and also a disciple and an amazing extra daughter to us. This girl are accelarating in her studies and am really blessed of her life.

some of the people we met were also wonderful. and some of them we havent met anymore because God had blessed them wonderfuy as their life had changed since.

so we thank you for all the Blessings that you have shared with us. All the hard earned donations are much a big blessing.here are the photos.


How does a support starts??

I have started since 2013 where I had 4 blinds but a little older. 2 young children for 5 years and 3. 3 Young people with violence and the threat background. When I started, I interviewed everyone. Except for the blind because I knew them since I was small. Then I lived mostly on the street with my family to support us by selling food.
At the interview I do interrogation. That is, questions about the family. Questions of present situation. How much does schooling cost per year. The cost of daily needs. Who are the parents. Most are children who comes to the orphanage therefore in need to interrogate. Background about the children if they are street children however if they are only poverty reason, the interrogation should meet the child and then parents and in the end the whole family becomes involved and we comes at the sum to be given to them. And how much can parents put on themselves and whether I can help with monthly fees at school. Twice a year they will report to me about their schooling and show me their grades. Some countries have 2 semesters and they have 3 times report grade. And if they are going to participate in various projects, they will have to prove to me at the end of the year what they have paid to control the money. The agreement must include how many years we want to support the child’s schooling. That is 1-6 or until high school, university. You can choose. Then you write on the paper. This will be written through the social service in that country. As proof.if they do nothing with the agreement and the children fail, you can give 1-2 warning
If they do not develop. You can withdraw from the contract then you should not expect them to pay back.

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