Here are some sour taste in my mind today..
godless christians do not listen to the sufferings of others. Instead… They feed to use it against one and feel they are ahead of others. I wouldn’t mind to say that in my entire journey as a believer..

This message does not generalise christians or defame everyone.. This is the truth that we actually meet on a daily basis. Maybe it is something not everyone speaks about. And it is something not everyone dares to say at all. I point out in this message that we ought to bear the understanding as a complete compassion towards others. In the sense of true faith, we should exert “LOVE OTHERS AS THYSELF” which generally speaks to us personally

I have encountered several people who gossip through preaching and revealing stories of others that are spoken to them privately. In that sense, they have involved many into slander which led to the person being avoided unawarely.. In my opinion, many christians are more likely to insult and offend rather than those who do not believe the same.. Many claims to be believers/christians but the actions do not match their requested rules. They are quick to speak evil. Especially to those who do not know a story of a person who suffered evil things..

I see that many pastors and leaders sometimes are quick to judge and even an ordinary person that often goes to church are quick to assassinate somebody because of the first impression they have. Quick prophetic words and unresponsible judgement have been drawn towards others which made a person feel humiliated.

I find it easy to believe that christians actually do not read the essence of the torah(e.g. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) and so to understand empathy towards others suffering.

Most of the people I encountered had actually forgotten who they were before they became a servant of God and exerts correctness to others by force without looking at the situation of the person first…

In this room of my thoughts! I find it WONDERFUL to GET OFF THE RIDGE OF RELIGION and find the Essence of God by walking it rather than talking… And by sampling to share it within our homes by learning empathy, and sympathy… Knowing how others feel about the tragedies they go through… Validating their pain and helping each other to stand up…
AS FOR NOW… I leave you alone with your critical messages like symptoms without cure if you think that faith shall be posessed without understanding.. Without looking back…. As the words says…

This is what the Lord Almighty said: ‘Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor. Do not plot evil against each other.’
Zechariah 7:9-10

Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget,
I will not forget you!
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
your walls are ever before me.
Isaiah 49:15-16

And still… We are doing the reverse….. Think about it…

For the first time, Walid Feghali became my Art of Fear

For the first time, Walid Feghali became my Art of Fear

I have drawn most of my life since childhood. I have tried different ways to develop myself within this area. And art has been my way of expression to manage my PTSD.
This week was more challenging than all of the paintings that I ever did. This one felt like death and life for my career as an art tutor.. (lol im kind of exaggerating but thats the feeling)

Recently, I was challenged to draw Walid Feghali. I have been following him for two years now and I never missed his videos and emails ever since. lol… and I have developed alot from his concepts and it had grafted into most of my painting ideas. As I drew his portrait with my pencil, the fear arose in me and I felt so scared regarding the comments I would receive from him. Since it is his portrait, I became anxious and I left the sketched portrait about a week. Watching at it everyday, I almost wanted to throw it because the fear is crucial. And since the plan was just to sketch, I ended up with the idea to paint him in acrylics. And not just that. I even came up with the new ideas that I will try a new technique in using my brush strokes as I paint his portrait…And add the background..which I never ever ever did in my entire painting skills. The subject was always drawn or painted but never involved myself into the background. So help me God!

For those of you who do not know Walid Feghali, he is an award winning composer, conceptual and illustrator artist. He had been very popular within the filming industry and had contributed orchestral film scores for Warcraft, Call of Duty and Starcraft 2… etc…
You may understand why I felt so anxious and scared. Very scared that I almost wanted to throw away the paper where I drawn him.

Despite the fact that I have an autodidact learning and a childhood background of drawing… I am still open to learn more and probably studying until I get old. For the past 10 years I went through art courses to study about values fine arts and photography and also to add more knowledge about my photography skills. But this one that I did today scares me. I swear….

After a week or so… I got tired looking at the portrait and I decided to face my fear and I was reminded of the emails I receive from his chain emails (Evenant). He wrote: “never compare yourself to others and try to improve yourself until you find your techniques and composition”
I was kind of relieved for a moment and just grabbed my brush and painted without even thinking of my fear or worries…

As my brush went through the compositions and layouts of the lines and colours, I noticed that I became more engaged in what I am doing. I am more focused and as much as possible I tried to be much more observant and moooorreee meticulous about the small detail I see. Since I wanted to try the new brush strokes, I was actually surprised that I can do much better than what I expected. And I am so happy to overcome the fear for now. But I am still having some feeling of worries what his comment will be about his portrait… uugghh… Anyways.. after this.. I will send him the portrait and I hope I wont fade away in my own mind…coz I am his fan…not the number one but AVID FAN!!!!!
The painting finished after 5 hours. Thank God. Then, it was time to watch it and

Check the Portrait I did for him:
Check his website here:
Check his youtube here:

Have you wondered why you can’t draw?

Hello Artisans
Welcome back to this channel. In this video I will show you a slow motion of my recent drawing. Here I draw and paint several pieces. So while you watch this process I would like to share something with you.

I received compliments alot “Wow you are so talented, I wish I could draw like you” Honestly it breaks my heart to hear that word “talented” and I wish I could respond in a better way. And more I often this one I hear a lot, I cannot even draw a circle and I usually draw humans like stick. However I’ve never known how talent works. I just know that drawing or singing is something you can learn to achieve through practice.

I dont know what makes you think why you cannot draw or what discouraged you that you cannot acquire this skills. Maybe you have heard someone say negative things to you and simply you just believed it and maybe you didn’t draw because you think you’re not talented enough. So you didn’t took a step to draw in your journey. You might be afraid of the negative response from other people. For whatever reason..I would like to inspire you with my insights. And maybe you can check out my past recordings about art.

I draw a lot when I was a child, Ive heard negative comments like you but I just kept on drawing. So when I became a teenager I stopped and when I came back to it…The process of my drawing seemed to be improved. I believed it was because it had been there sleeping and suddenly when I returned It was like a dusty old learning that came to be awakened.
Every process of learning can be very inspiring or tiring to some. Many of you might want to achieve things all at once. But time is so crucial, because in the process, you must have to put your time to practice and observance to learn. Skills are attained through practice and self study. It is a self discipline

If you would start to sit down and grab your pencil and a paper, and disregard all the negative things that discouraged you..I believe you will destroy the barrier that stops you from becoming a skilled person. Learning for some can be slow, and to others can be fast. But no matter how long it takes, everyone can find their passion in practice. It is a time of dedication, patience to learn from all the mistakes and the eagerness to learn and discover the new techniques from the world and from what we perceive. Let me tell you, try to observe your surroundings and nature. Maybe there are things from there that give you insight so you can discover your skills too.

I hope that my heart has shared something essential for you to think about. And I hope today, you will start to draw or pursue the things you love to do…
So until then, thank you for reading…

See you again my artisans!

How Do I think as a RAPE SURVIVOR?

How Do I think as a RAPE SURVIVOR?

*I am molested and rape victim. At 8,14 and the last was at 18 which was more a torture for me that led to PTSD diagnosis.

I have learnt the ways of community that hangs out the victims. Mostly blames and make derogatory comments about.

Here are some popular lines we mostly hear from people wether friends or family. These lines are unbelievably damaging:

“you deserve it/ you are likely to likened it/ you must be flirting beforehand that’s why you are raped/ rape? You must be kidding me?/ your cousin cannot do that/ he is so kind and you are lying/it took so long for you to say it? I think you just want revenge/dont ever soeak about this to anyone, it will ruin our family./dont even speak about this to anyone, it will ruin my reputation!

In our society, there are visual activities that are suggestive and even more provocative. Just like a photography aside from art. Movies that promotes violent sequence and pictures that promotes sexual comments.

Our society has lost its moral standards. And it can be costly for others to suffer.. Accidentally.

Many celebrities mostly says that it is our faults we are raped, but actually some of their contents promotes violence, crime related and sexual behaviour. I have learnt through the years that around the world only Philippines community and India, Africa as well But not all. Do not support rape victims instead we are blamed, humiliated and even laughed out in public.*

1. Our most common in line vindicators are our family or relatives who even do not believe and helps us report the offenders to the authorities.
2. Our system do not offer a free psychological counselling for the trauma we have gone through.
3. Most of our politicians do not support the law system e.g like Hontiveros of Philippines who promotes only lgbtq and some of the offenders are on free foot.

I am not against LGBTQ (some of my cousins and friends are part of these community. I know a few whom are very responsible citizens and individuals so please dont get me wrong) but most of these communities as well promotes sexual behaviour by word and by actions that also leads to misdemeanours of some.

R example. In parades, there are sexual performances that are supposedly should only be available foe couples to see. It is an intimate act. But Children can see it widely open. And parents approves it. And then people are well blended, so you have no idea whom are pedophiles or more silent sexual offenders. Watching… Waiting for a victim to take.

It awakens the animal insights of people and leads them to commit crime. (if we actually think widely.)

Since the event happened to me. From My recent in 2003,i was 18. I havent received my justice yet. I have moved on but my trauma is huge and Im suffering. Now I am 34 and I dont know if i am still covered by the system to find justice. Since I am now living abroad.. I am still waiting for my justice*

Please continue your support for us….

sana po malaman ng immigration ang mga sex offenders. THERE MUST BE A SYSTEM WHERE SEX OFFENDERS SHOULD BE REGISTERED AND MONITORED WETHER THEY CAME ABROAD OR just fellow citizens of the Philippines or whatever country we are resident of. It should be GLOBAL SYSTEM.
They can pretend and blend among the community. The sex offenders are often triggered MORE when they see women who are sexually suggestive women.
Despite of well dress manner. The people who abused me were sex offenders. And their mindset were triggered due to what they saw on photos that are sexually suggestive. Sometimes there are words that can trigger them.

Therefore I came to a conclusion that SEXUAL MATTERS should only be taught with discipline and only be taught to teach and educate. It should not be performed on public parades or even shown on a television with a Rough actions

or at least there must be a huge system where a sexual offenders or at least have been accused of it should be monitored to secure the society from Them.

#rape #rapevictim #rapesurvivor #humanrights #womensrights #childrensrights #moralstandards #politics #senate #swedishparliament #phsenate #africasenate #indiasenate #globalmonitoring #sexualoffendersmustbe

Aahhh.. AFTER ALL.. Life is Good! God is good!

Aahhh.. AFTER ALL.. Life is Good! God is good!

There are times people won’t like me. I could easily read them when I’m around. But I am not bothered about their reactions nor do I care?

Nah.. Not at all.

Because I am confident that I do my job, I try my best to do what I have to and what I am ordered to do.
I usually learn to follow the rules and if somehow I was the one who disobeyed it, I come directly fast and admit my fault.

At work. We can actually perform our faith. We can show how we are as people. I am not perfect in everything. I have my shortcomings..

Who aren’t? But I always look at everyone’s work as my potential for growth. I look at my boss and see how she performs her job, and I see my colleagues and I learn from them the good things. I tell which I like and which I don’t. I always wanna make sure I am clear. I speak when I don’t understand and when I am uncomfortable in certain situations.

At home, I am a mother and a wife.
I try the best I can do to cook as good food as Possible. I try to persuade my children to do what is godly. I teach them my mistakes and show them the benefits of learning the good moral standards.
I don’t expect them to do the highest grades, I want them to learn and achieve the High remarks of life. The wisdom of God. That… Is power..

As a wife. I know that I am not 100% but for sure.. My husband knows he is the handsomely person I know. And I am so addicted to him.. Like the chocolate and sweet nuts I live to eat.. 😂 I do my best to make the best of life because I also want him to feel the good life we have. Making sure he knows, I develop myself for them.

And I love this things.. God. Family. Ahhh..

Nwver forget my music. My painting.. And all of that crqzy things I do. They are gifts of heaven.

For myself, I always try the best to learn new things. For the past decades, I have grown well. I have learned to not fit into everyone’s expectations. At least I did what I can. I always never want to go along the trends because I know that this is temporary and its not artistic. I dont want to be “general in categories” I want to be something… “different” that odd person or maybe that weird one that doesn’t goes along the stream..
Life had been a struggle for me.. but i love it.. I love life because I know for sure.. GOD LOVES ME therefore I am still alive today…

Rape = The world and injustice!!

#5KChallengeAccepted #5Kcomments #100SHARES I was a Rape Victim. And I dont condone, I dont tolerate Offenders. #Sweden, there should be a valid LEGAL PUNISHMENT regarding rape cases and should not be bailable.

I have lived in Sweden for 13 years now. It had been 13 years since I left my home town and settled myself here to have a family. Unfortunately, I had misfortunes in my past relationships that involved mental and torment in mind and body. Sweden had given me a lot of good learning. It was interesting that I found myself more understanding about my experience and learned to navgate the truth despite of the circumstances. It was a huge improvement when it comes to my faith. I have learned to differentiate religion from personal growth in faith. I am thankful of the development that it had given me these past years. I became strong, independent woman. But above all these, I could not escape the fact that rape was also one of the weakest talk in here. their arm is very undecisive.

Rape has Affected me: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally and even my social life had become absurd when I suffered those emotions. I wasn’t defended rightly, I wasn’t comforted instead I was blamed. Some church community had exploited my experience and used it as a reason to stamp me by saying I am demonised and cursed and that due to rape, I might have like playing within relationships. And because most of my relationship failed, I might be the problem. And I believe that there are other people who suffered the same., might have experienced a different scenario from their surroundings. They might have hid themselves in their sleeves just to get rid of the societies victim blaming. I have overcome the emotions that I suffered for many years, and because of that I was diagnosed with PTSD.

The society had made fun of me due to my experience. I have heard blame from different people and I have experienced humiliation. I tried to conform from the world of religious leaders but their reactions were far more degrading to the extent that I was called demonised and cursed. Their role supposed to be the uplifter of the broken soul. Yet to make it clear, some of them does not have the empathy and understanding of what does rape is all about. Well, I have overcomed that too. Now lets talk about the society..

Since I discovered the world of interenet, In social media, you will find it in several comments and captions and they create memes about rape. Some youtube vloggers uses it as a prank, They make fun of rape and violence.. And despite the truth that there are regulations in every platform to report such kind of behaviour, The society itself watches it and shares it further rather than reporting it. isn’t this sad? The society that knows better are the ones that promotes the violence by likes and shares of every video that contains suffering of sexual offence.

The ten countries with the highest rates of rape (number of incidents per 100,000 citizens) are:

  1. South Africa (132.4)
  2. Botswana (92.9)
  3. Lesotho (82.7)
  4. Swaziland (77.5)
  5. Bermuda (67.3)
  6. Sweden (63.5)
  7. Suriname (45.2)
  8. Costa Rica (36.7)
  9. Nicaragua (31.6)
  10. Grenada (30.6)

The government had not made a strong decision or law to protect the women’s and children’s right.
In Sweden, rape punishment is two-six years imprisonment. Aggravated rape is lowest five years and maximum of ten years imrpisonment. Rape against children with a relative perpetrator is lowest four and maximum ten years imprisonment.
I should have wanted to expect that the government must protect the women not just by counselling, medical treatment, but by strengthening the law against the perpetrator and make the imprisonment forever that the perpetrator would suffer the same inside the prison. Isn’t it justice should be served accordingly? But hey, sweden seemed to be coward to bring this kind of strong decision. Their law is stronger when it comes to money: TAX CRIME. Once a person committed a tax crime, the court proceedings are fast.

The government ALL OVER THE WORLD should recognise the pain and suffering both mental and physical and emotional of boys and girls that suffered sexual abuse, molestation, and violence that are often made by relatives, friends, and unknown people. Paedophilia is also one of the most important to remember that has different forms of abuse and manipulation. The person that suffered such event takes a day to day basis to deal with emotionally. It is a hearthbreaking situations that the person must go through everyday due the the flashbacks, sleepless nights, self pity and lost of identity and eventually the lost of social life interest.
IF WE as a community, make use of the social platform to trigger the governments to ensure the safety of every single person that suffered such event to HAVE THE JUSTICE. I believe that HUMAN RIGHTS would be served CORRECTLY. in this type of world, mostly the victims are blamed for what they have suffered. And Mostly the Offenders are free in the society because THE HUMAN RIGHT DEFENCE is that They shall have the freedom to atleast have their rights. Whereas the victims suffered for One or Two, or maybe Five decades just to be whole again..Physically, Mentally and emotionally.

I want to challenge each and everyone of you to share this message out of your concern. No matter what kind of opinions you have. If you are a mother, a sister, a brother or just an ordinary citizen. I encourage you to #standwithusagainstrape

Source Rate of rape Worldly: source:
sources from The Swedish Criminal Code Chapter 6
Source from The Swedish Police,tv%C3%A5%20och%20h%C3%B6gst%20sex%20%C3%A5r.&text=Vid%20grov%20v%C3%A5ldt%C3%A4kt%20d%C3%B6ms%20g%C3%A4rningsmannen,fem%20och%20h%C3%B6gst%20tio%20%C3%A5r.

so thats it!

Over and out

Difference between False and True Prophets

A prophet that promises you riches eg prosperity, car houses materials and other things your eyes can lay on and your hands can touch. They are addicted to attention from the crowd and popularity. Their performance is mere an act and drama coming in full lights.
WETHER they have spoken prophetically that comes to reality, you shall not listen to them. They will use you and

A REAL PROPHET is loud in SCRIPTURES without SELF INTERPRETATION. He speaks in a way where you will be changed and not provoked. You will be encouraged without feeling worthless. You are uplifted without feeling embarrassed. You are exposed of sin without defamation and shame. You are inspired without feeling intimidated. And a REAL PROPHET DOES NOT GAIN ANYTHING IN ANY SERVICE THEY DO. THEY DONT GET RICH IN DONATIONS AND THEY DONT BENEFIT FROM YOUR FRAILTIES. THEY RECEIVE HELP to sustain their needs but does not demand from you.



And these are ONE OF the signs OF the false prophets..
There are preachers that acts wantonly.

MEANING.. They have no care for others therefore they speak their maw open wide and think they are always right.

Their characters are arrogant and opinionated. They abuse their authority to gain popularity. They speak too much and foresee future which is a lie.

They seem to feel to be the only right-angle teachers and have no acceptance of others views and perspectives.

Not ALL BELIEVERS OR KNOWN PREACHER CELEBRITIES ARE LEGITIMATE…. you have to look at their attitudes and their treatment towards others..

do you hear complaints around them? Do you hear anything that was against them? Do you see anyone who disowns them?
Have you seen someone suffering because of them?

See Deuteronomy 18

My Sound mind about FAMILY CODE towards LGBT

There are many cases that occurs now in our modern time. from a lesbian/gay relationships that commits relationships with a married person that creates havoc in a family. This destroyed many home and family ties.

Since the Marriage code of law only applies to a man or woman who commits infidelity, a woman who commits infidelity towards her husband and goes to another woman are excused from the immoral act and the husband and children becomes a victim whom is left unattended and without justice acclaimed.
Its also the same with a man who commits infidelity towards his wife and goes to a man.. The wife and children becomes the victim.

Our children sees this kind of practices among many. A man/woman has relationships with their same sex aside their opposite sex spouse are excused from the law.
A man./woman who would commit adultery/polygamy will be subjected under the law if caught.

There are laws that applies for our children aswell. Which the children should not witness violence at home and should not experience violence as well from anyone. That the children should be raised morally and become law abiding citizens. And would be raised properly and be given proper upbringing from food to education and healthy mindset.

Now, we know that it is not right for a child to watch violent and pornographic materials. But what if the children sees a naked pride parade of man and women in the streets? Performing sexual act and say it’s fine.. Isnt that a double standard? Isn’t that another sort of pornographic effect on the kids mind and perception? Which we call ENTERTAINMENT SECTION OF PARADE? ARE we honest enough to scream of human rights when we first put a destruction for the future of our childrens generations?


Is this the family upbringing that we are trying to show our generation?
That the law excuses the LGBT and allows them to perform that infidelity and pornographic parade is okay and must be welcome?
Is this MORAL? IS IT?
WITHOUT a Family, THE natural reproduction of humanity will not come to its existence.
Man and man and woman to woman stops the reproduction and the only solution that comes is the FAKE HUMAN reproduction… The world is not created for this.. The world is not made for this…
Family code is a must to be SUPPORTED BY LAW MAKERS.


I am not against the LGBT community, i myself have relatives that belongs to thesw community. I have friends that are also in these communities.

I am just against the lgbt individuals that does not respect the family code. Even if we say that the married person shows interest towards them, the person involved may know how to say NO and only if there is a MORAL LAW in their hearts and mind.


” Russia has a vaccine and I want to try if it works. I will be the first person to test it myself and get the vaccine publicly” – President Rodrigo Duterte

In a recent news update I have seen in GMA NEWS BROADCASTING dated Agugust 10 2020. President Rodrigo Duterte had a Public Address from Davao City.

He spoke that Covid had made such economical destruction for Philippines and that even if he want to listen to the health workers plea
to extend the lockdown, he spoke that the state do not have any financial support to give to the public. Therefore he allowed some of the citizens to go back to work but with own responsibility. Since covid is rapid in its spread and had killed millions of people around the globe, the president knows that people needs food on their table.

With that in mind, The president wwas reminded of his visit to Russia with Putin. And he remembered the promise of Putin to ask him assistance if there are medical issues needed by the Philippines. I see this as a good relationship between Philippines and Russia. In terms of trade and economic response, this is a good help. Now there is a vaccine heard to be made in Russia. The President spoke clearly that he is ready to experiment with it by being the first person to injject the vaccine publicly.

When I heard the words coming from his mouth, it amde feel that I wish the presidents after him would see his example.
We know for the fact that his mouth can be everywhere like US President Donald Trump. But the truth is, in my entire life, and sinnce 2006, the last year I saw Philippines and worked abroad. The changes weren’t clearly seen until President Duterte took power. in 2008, 2010, 2013,2015 I came back to Philippines. Manila still look as it was when I left. It was the same garbage problem, people were still undisciplined in the airport, drug related troubles between families and rape and other violent crimes that resulted to violence against women and children. Or resulted in murder and money laundering involving politicians and high ranking officials. The smell of the air when you get off the plane stinks.. Despite the weather that I really love the most. It was still the same song I used to hear.
The time President Duterte came to its power in 2016. I was actually shocked , I cam back to Philippines in 2017 and it was once of the best times in my life. The air that met me in the airport was phenomenal. fresh and the corridors and hallway of the airport was neat and clean. Outside the airport awaits the taxi with a disciplined lane. The meter werent shocking to pay because the last time, I had to bargain my own fare and drag my luggages.


I am missing my homeland when I see that the President is as loving and caring as our President Duterte. I know for the truth that he is using his steel hand to promote peace with thoughts he can do it all at once. But hey, a person who cares for his community is just humana nd can make errors in life. Who else do not? Some countries though and human rights representatives are fighting him, but I tell you, you must look in every country and find the changes every politicians do. They mostly corrupt and steal money from the people. Duterte though, does not even own luxusious properties. Thats what we all must know. All his errands, he usually speak in public reports.



God is beautiful! God deliver

s us from different kinds of pain, trials, and wilderness! Life is up and down. In it, God demonstrate His love as He teaches patience, kindness, understanding and honesty and truth. Life is not dramatic if you would learn from every step and be observant in every aspect of God’s perspective. He would learn you to keep down your selfishness and act in reliance to the Holy Spirit and mold you into the likeness of Yeshua Hamoshiach .

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things.
Nevertheless, be thankful for ups and downs, for when you look back, you will be thankful those days are over and have taught you well. For God does not make mistakes. He straightens the path of those who love His commands. Enjoy life! And don’t be exaggerated to take away your joy. It is our reward under the sun.

Be responsible for your freedom. Do not forget who you were when you were not in Jesus Christ, let it be shown to men and in the sight of God that you are blameless, approvable in all your manners and ways. That you may gain the crown of life. Do not live like the world.

But never forget, now that you are God’s children, and now Jesus is your master. In every steps, always give God the glory and Honor. Let your ways be blameless and be clean in your integrity. For in God’s time, you will face judgement in the sight of God being responsible of your own deeds. Be not like the world. – Karla Rochelle –

“And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life–this is indeed a gift from God.”

Be content with what you have
Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless–like chasing the wind.

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.

Be different from the world.
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit;
You who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment.

So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.
So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God. For who can eat or enjoy anything apart from him?
Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun–all your meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome labor under the sun.

Are we Brave enough?

I am starting to think that bravery was heroic. Until I realised heroic phrase shouldn’t be needed, instead we should have said… Willingly…

There are many times in life we have tried the best to sooth others from our personal opinions and personal views. Just because we don’t wabt to hurt them we tend as if it is a respect to agree with what they say all the time.

On the other hand, I have noticed that there are bigger chance a person is to be believed when they have influence. Wether leader or a boss. Our courage becomes like an invisible matter where we only practice on others that are weaker than us. Unknowingly..

There were instances in life where I found out that I wasn’t trying to please but I wasn’t either brave to stand on my own at times. So I have learnt to speak myself out on certain circumstances whenever needed. Not to disrespect others but due to topics that sometimes are against my moral standards.. Ive learnt to be brave enough.

Bravery is also standing against the notions of life. Sometimes it can be unfitting situations that reveals a huge mistake.. Sometimes it can be difficult circumstances where we have to face reality, acceptance and looking at the situation logically.. It is bravery to hope for a change. It is bravery to love without something in return..

I know that bravery is not just to do with just saving others lives. I believe you also save lives through the discipline of your own tongue. I know its bravery to stand up on what is right wether uncomfortably or not satisfying enough. It needs willingness to do so… And I believe

Once in our lifetime.. We have to ask ourselves…

Are we truly brave enough?

Happy birthday to my Son!

All these years had been a favor from the Lord. Im so thankful God gave me the opportunity to bear this child in my womb.
It has been great years until today. I can’t imagine he had survived so many trials… He is blessed.


As a parent! I am at the great heights of confidence and thanksgiving for the GIFT OF LIFE IN MY YOUTH=A child..=a future generation.
The day he was born, hidden missions are entrusted in him so he may be cultivated by years.
Now my both children had become changed… And I’m so proud of how I formed them…. UNIQUE…

Years passed.. The children grow!

LIFE HAD BEEN UPS AND DOWNS, Oh my! Im still standing!! Boy! The kids had grown! Time had made a blast, Children grow fast!! I’m feeling so emotional!

When I looked back how hard it was! Pushing up and making all things come to its place, Trying to make ends meet and God was always been gracious. God had been so generous. How many of those years I spent in crying, Those times I spent trying, and the times I felt dying!

Did you know? to make my ends meet, my children received used clothes from friends because I could not afford. I received gifts of clothes from friends because I do not have enough to buy one.I received help from a best friend in the US just to make it through. I used to pick up double jobs just to find extra amount for myself despite that I was married.

I wont deny, it had been an abusive relationship! I’ve been married twice and it didnt worked. But I never complained, instead! I bent my knees in prayer in ALL THOSE YEARS till now.. And thank God I am free…

In between the lines, I have been judged by many leprous tounges, and I fought the battle. I was beaten and I can see clearly now the results of what it made me. although the peak of my purpose has not yet been completely fufilled… I can see, how strong I have been!!! I’ve learned many things through the years..
despite of the hardships…Im proud of what we have become!!!
Hashem is to be Praised

Attached to the broken wings

I have been working with myself for many years and I discover new learnings every time. Attached to the broken wings, the ideals to heal, deal and fly again.

My life might not be interesting to many, for those who barely knew me. I grew up in poverty, i was raised in platter where the servings are not pleasing to the belly. I was taught that in a way to survive, you must deal with things as they are and you must act instantly.

Wether you are logically smart or intellectually brainy, it won’t bring you that far if you don’t act and deal with your troubles right at hand. My mother says, “don’t wait to do things tomorrow if you have the time now, who might know if tomorrow might not arrive”.

I was thinking about my past experiences as a child. I only spent my days in thinking of pitiness towards myself and I only saw my broken wings unable to fly. I thought it was the end of that wing and that it might be useless to bear behind my shoulders rack so I just went around murmuring about all the failures I partially did. Somehow, my environment has its contribution to the broken pieces of the feather in my wings.

Through the years, I have discovered the small antidotes for the healing process of that wing. And as I carried on my wings along my journey, I was surprised that I am starting to heal every strand of the feathers. And I saw that light has revealed the hidden brilliance of the feathers colors. And day by day, the feathers grew and Eventually, I could stretch them out.

I have learned to gain the trust for myself again. Discovering the hidden treasures of heaven. Those golden treaaures I love to keep in my heart yet too overwhelming due to its bulky size. The malady of these world had made me see there was nothing wrong with all the painful passages I passed. And last, there was nothing wrong with me. I have learnt to accept myself even if others rejects me