The performance of the Blossoms

The performance of the Blossoms

Life had always been a season of learning. A season of growing and a season of bloom. A season of withering and a season of starting all over again.

When we see how the tree, which during the winter was dry and withered, yet hidden underneath was the roots filled with nourishment but scared of the outside world.. we think of life sometimes to be the same.. Yet as we see the spring comes and shines over the dry and withered tree, it starts to awaken and replies with the glimmering of the small leaves and small seeds to be ready and is soon to be in full bloom, suddenly we are revitalized. When we watch the transformation of nature, we gain the courage and inspiration to lift out of our despair, and it reminds us that God has given us the tools to renew ourselves.

We gain the courage to lift out of despair, to renew ourselves.

We live in a time when it’s a struggle to keep hope alive. All that is decent in mankind seems to be impatient against forces so irrational and evil that peace seems to be beyond what any thought can elaborate.

And yet… the trees give us a message of hope. They show us how after a period of barreness and drought despair and sadness comes the bloom and incomparable great perfume.. The gladness it brings and the signs of life that the flower represents. We all are like flowers that blooms in time and withers after ita purpose. Yet under the times of our excellence we perform the beauty which was cultivated by trials and forces of darkness before bloom. And we will always bloom in time… Under the hands of God we are nurtured very well!


We have the will to do right or evil

We have the will to do right or evil

You can’t blame God for all the tragedy and calamities we see and hear.
For it is the heart of a man that plans and do evil and wicked ways!
it is the motives of greed and lust that makes man create war and oppress the weak ones.
And God can’t stop it, but gives strength to the ones who are willing to do what is right. For the judgement of the wicked lies in pile and waits for its final destination and the oppress shall be in His Kingdom and the poor shall be taken in His gates.
So for you to change the world, is to change yourself also. Be a blessing and do what is right. Contribute to what is good!

You can change if you want to!

You can change if you want to!

In the presence of dismay and disappointment, there is no room for logic. Every good things is not in mind and the innocence of hope is replaced by fear, anger and frustration. But where do I begin?

Have you ever been into situations where you were lost? I have. Except from sexual abuse, I had a difficult childhood which caused traumatic stress disorder. Maybe i felt more confused than lost in some situations. Yet lost in feelings and emotions. As a grown up I was labelled liar, prostitute, garbage, stupid, fool, ugly, not intelligent. And in my adulthood, I was called adulterous, attention seeking, power hunger and many more. I find it hard to have so much stamps over yourself and however you want yourself to change, to others it won’t matter. Bullies and degrading treatment are not over by childhood years, the worst bullies are adults. But I take this a challenging times. And I encourage others who goes the same thing to be strong and never give up.

How shall I divert the thoughts of disappointment and the feelings of dismay into the position of positivity? I asked for help in times of insanity and frustration as I turned myself towards those I looked up to..the “church people” and yet time and again the answer was ” we will pray for you”. There was no offer of getting me out of the clouds that wrapped me up in a rollercoaster ride. In the end, that’s when I realised, it’s the psychologists job to do. Which in fact a church elder shall have as a position to help a person depressed. Or suicidal.

And I turned towards people that I trusted, I waited for a hand to raise me up yet the answer I received was stunning. I became the traitor and a liar.

I realised that all of us are quick on judgements upon others situation. Sometimes even if it is dear to us, we usually push them away whenever we see them do wrong, sometimes we don’t have a good manner on how to guide a lost person into the right path. We mostly make a quick decision when we hear things about others, forgetting that once we were in that position and we were in need of help. Now when we had the power to guide others, we mostly think it’s right to instruct the rules and apply it upon them rather than show them how they shall do and take their hand and take them out of the ditch. Generally, people usually push another person deeper into the ditch rather than take them out. We forget to weigh judgements. And we work as prosecutors over others. Isn’t it irony, we hear it preached on the pulpit, spoken on the lectures, and written on literatures that we shall have patience and understanding towards others, that we shall be open in our hearings to execute right judgements, and yet we mostly do the reverse. And depression is such a horrible place to be caused by different situations that has never been cleared out in a person’s life. Either physical abuse, emotional or verbal.

Being alone in the fight, I had to struggle by myself. And to divert the connections about a certain person to a certain event to certain emotion, I have to learn to give up the contact and accept the fact that the event already occurred and cannot be replayed again. I had to learn the process in daily life by forgiving and releasing myself from the connection with the people that hurt me and. I had to learn to forgive myself about certain events that connect to the painful memories that causes a strong emotional distress and a repetition of flashbacks that delays my healing process. I had to renew my mind by giving up on seeing myself as a victim because nothing happens for a reason and it does not happen because I deserved it, rather things happens because we all are humans who fails to do the right thing and we mostly fulfil the lusts of our bodies in different forms like embarrassing others, killing, gossip, abuse and others.

I learned this year’s that it does not matter what others says about me. Because I live the life I walk and I do my best to make things right. I don’t need to reaffirm myself whenever others remind me of my past, because I know that their purpose of reminding is to make me return to that certain event that would make me feel anxious which will cause me undefensive and frustrated. I am certain that people that surrounds us who knew us from the past can never be ignored but I also know that although they had been your friends, you shall never give them a key to hurt you or use your emotions to beat you.

The past had been done, and if by some reasons you have done wrong and committed mistakes, who else did not? And if by some situations you had committed huge failures, who else did not? This is the tragic of life and I or we have to accept that the past belongs there and that we don’t need to reaffirm ourselves from certain people, events or emotions that was attached to it. Learn to forgive and Let go. Forgiving does not mean forgetting, to forgive is to set yourself free from the certain events and people that causes your emotions to be distorted. It is giving you a passage to make change because of the event and making you strong enough to face a better future. Claim your joy by renewing your mind through new thoughts everyday. It might be hard in the beginning but once you train yourself to imagine your good future, you will be able to control your body and emotions to affirm about what’s ahead of you. And you will see that the past indeed will stay behind and it will never have power over you anymore.

Believe without seeing and have hope in believing.

Always be thankful before sleeping and even when you wake up. Look forward not backwards.



How shall we love others as ourselves?


When one of them sins, he harms himself as well as harming the portion of himself that resides in the other, since he is connected to his part that is contained within his fellow. They are related to each other.

Thus it is appropriate for a person to seek the benefit of one’s fellow, showing him generosity of spirit. He should consider his dignity as dear to him as his own, for they are literally a single entity. Because of this we are commanded, “and you will love your fellow as yourself.”

It is fitting that a person supports the fundamental goodness of another and not speak evil of him at all.  One should not wish for anything that is inconsistent with what God desires for that person, neither his disgrace nor his suffering, for they are related to God.  A person should not wish to see another’s downfall, nor suffering, nor any harm at all, and view the situation of as if he himself were immersed in the same suffering, or exalting in the same good fortune.

Deluded Dreams

Deluded Dreams

I have often thought that all dreams are suitable for each individual that desires it. And often as we go along the journey, we dream higher and more hopeful of the future. Yet we fall into mistakes we didnt intend to do. And all we think generally is….. we’re doomed. So we go around everyday worrying about the mistakes carrying the thought, ” God is angry at me”, “I can’t do this”, “I am not capable of this” and then through time, it became our identity….eventually.

Isnt it too obvious that we became so busy in the beginning focusing on the dreams that we have? Either small or big. When the days pass by and the waves of life takes us wherever it leads, we often stay in daydreaming. Dreams of not having the trials and everything shall be peaceful. It is very obvious that our dreams stayed in oput minds 24 hours a day. And the dreams sometimes makes us isolated and feel uncomfortable of the outside world and that the outside situations makes us annoyed. Because the dreams we have scares us often and we know for sure that it is not normal for others to hear that dream we have. So we keep the dreams inside of us and We shoved away the situations and we try to run from it, we try to avoid the emotions because we dont want to confront the feelings we will feel and then we usually look upon the sky waiting for a rescue. Like a powerful hero who would come down to bring us back to our illusions.

Reality, sometimes we hallucinate that reality are the things we see and feel. We tend to go along the trend of emotions and our bodies live in the presence of our thoughts. But in the presence of honesty, we see the real life that our emotions are in our way hundering us to become a decent person. And almost 70 percent of our thoughts are not suitable even for us to entertain yet they already had the power that made us all feel doomed.

I remember many times when I look at how I am now. And the moment I enjoy the thought of having it good then it reminds me of all the failires that I had been through. I was constantly reminded just in a minute of all the things that I committed with my own conscience, and in that sudden thoughts. I felt disgraceful. Although I knew for several years and times I had already repented with my whole heart still there is a sense of not believing what I have committed for myself. And from time to time I have fallen into mistakes, the feeling of knowing to be forgiven had slowly faded away and it was replaced with anxiousness and layers of guilt that I couldnt make things right. Suddenly, I felt isolated in thoughts and even right where I stood. Why? Yeah, because deep inside of me I know God had forgiven me but still I am stuck in the old days of my life that I am still living in my illusions that God is angry at me and that every mistakes I have done drives me farther from Him.

Illusions, we think that it is an illusion to dream of the things unseen. We drastically think it’s not a good thing to dream and that we often fall into the general trend that we should be logic. That we only have to live by what we see and that dreams are illusions and they shall not be hope for. Isn’t it we are good in standing against our way and we are so good in hindering ourselves from the possible future that has been aimed for us?

Deluded dreams – All of the negative shaping and voices and forms from the outside of our senses are tricks so we could not recognise our possibilities towards the future. The deceiving power of the outside are the ones that can destroy us if we are not observant to where we put our time and efficiency. These deceiving dreams and voices are in different forms – jealousy, anger, bitterness, hatred, criticism characters, rage and selfish ambitions ( Galatians 5 – read ) this are the traits of the outside and we unintentionally are trained through our upbringing and by our environment. Yet, hold it! We can be better than that!!

We are shaped by deluded dreams that we can only reach our BIG DREAMS through the images that we see and feel. I on the other hand, want to leave that space and I want to get my right foot towards the challenges of the unknown and reach the DREAM and make it to reality. If we learn to train our thoughts to use the negative impacts and experiences to become our tools and book of learning, we will be able to become succesful human beings. We can learn to first reverse all the negative traits and turn it into a thankful heart.

I want to encourage you, to believe the UNSEEN

Believe the impossible dream…. by shaping YOUR THOUGHTS. YOU ARE ONE STEP TO THE FUTURE…. By shaping your MIND. YOU ARE LIVING THE FUTURE

So take a step out of this deluded dreams…re arrange yourself and re allign and reconnect To the MYSTERY OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD

Happens for a Reason

Happens for a Reason

I am upset at myself, I’m angry at the world, and I’m not on speaking terms with G‑d for a while.

Then they line up, the friends who want to cheer me up, the spiritual leaders who know better: You know what my friend… No need to be upset… No need to be depressed… Everything happens for A reason!!!

The first thought that crosses my mind is, Where is your compassion? Where is your sympathy? Do you think I need to hear that I’m suffering for a reason? I’m Suffering! Is that suppose to happen for a reason?

The second thought that jumps up my brain is: Oh, yeah. Obviously everything happens for a reason. The reason I got into multiple sexual abuse from relatives and it made me become afraid to trust people. The reason I became a rape victim that made me having issues with relationships, that caused me to feel distressed and afraid of society. The reason it ruins my daily life. The reason I got into a violent marriage that brought me depressive episodes and anxieties. The reason I got divorce twice and caused me to feel miserable. And still I would hear.. Everything happens for a reason. How does friends and spiritual leaders console me by their words.

They say, things happen for a reason. And that things that happens we deserve. I refute this words because they are too extreme for me to believe.

I believe that God has plans and purpose for everyone and I understand His thoughts in the beginning of creation. That every creature both great and small, from the ones that walks to the smallest that creep has its very assigned purpose to complete each other fulfilling its task to become a lively event in daily occasion. And that every living creature has its fulfilling purpose upon the earth.

Whoever has faith in individual Divine Providence knows that “Man’s steps are established by G‑d,” that this particular soul must purify and improve something specific in a particular place. For centuries, or even since the world’s creation, that which needs purification or improvement waits for this soul to come and purify or improve it. The soul too, has been waiting – ever since it came into being – for its time to descend, so that it can discharge the tasks of purification and improvement assigned to it. Hayom Yom 3 Elul

Now we are talking business. Everything happens for thereason, not just A reason. And the reason is G‑d’s master plan for his universe

When I look back upon the things I went through in life, it is easy to see the negative things and think that I deserved the hurt and pain. And according to others opinion, it is happening for a reason. But when I looked at what I became after that, I realised that it was needed for me to go through so I may learn. And under the process I had the choice to either do not care or to just be afraid or either defend myself. I refute that it is not the purpose of my life, neither God had planned my life course to be in that manner. I believe that this things happened had came across without a warning because there is a desire in every individual, it can be for good or for evil.

Unfortunately, some of the unhappy things that happened to me was the result of my fear to fight and defend myself. Which I believe was not happening for a reason.

There is a case that makes me think just that sentence. When I faced a violent tragedy many years ago, I was devastated and confused about my lifes purpose. I heard someone said to me, “everything happened for a reason” and it strucked me. Because they did not knew I was a rape victim. And they did not knew I was abused as a child, and they did not knew that I was also abused as a wife. And telling me everything happened for a reason makes me think, that reason must be absurd and out of mind concept..

Everything does not happened for a reason. Things has purpose but it was not purpose for evil but for good.

We have the power to experience people, places and things in a G‑dly way, thus changing their composition from merely physical to a new spiritual dimension. The only reason weird things happen to us, is because we are challenged to elevate that situation from the annoying (to humans) to the pleasurable (to G‑d).

In other words “Everything happens for a reason” are not words of consolation, but a call to action..

Stamps by Word

Stamps by Word

The written scriptures: 1 John 3:10

By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother.

I have had tough times for now. I notice that my divorce is such a curse to go through. And after divorce, if you mistakenly have a relationship you will also be called an adulterous person, because there are probation in every settlement in system to wait.

By the way, I have been called a devils child somewhere in a recorded video from a known evangelist. Somehow they know my personal life but it seemed very intentional to speak about me in social media. It is very hurtful comments although I can understand their side still people have no rights to say those words.

In citation of revelations 2 about a woman who proclaim herself as prophetess whom committed adultery, the verses brought curse even to her children. And this citation is used against me. I wonder how many woman who have been into this kind of situation and I can imagine that it is very mentally and physically breaking.

I don’t know if people realise how they draw away others from faith rather than bringing in. Isn’t it right to divorce from a relationship who has no more interest and there’s no affection in between. Isn’t it very time consuming to think that each person in marriage does not give effort to make the relationship work?

Is it right to stay when your partner says ” life is over and there’s nothing joyful to have in life to wait” while you would watch him cry on the balcony and regret every moment of life. Isn’t it abusing to the mind to see a partner gets busy at work and then you beg for time just to make it work. Isn’t that physically breaking to beg your partner to even fulfil the intimate task which is only done because of pressure?

Then tell me I’m still the devils child and tell me I’m going to hell.

A selection of salvation is not according to your righteousness. It is given to make you righteous. A person saved cannot be measured by the mistakes they have done and it is not our right to bring them down but to bring them to repentance. And who knows the heart of a man but God? And who knows who will go down and goes up?


Who would dare to gaze at her
Nor presume to speak a word
The walls revealed a broken wings
There was help to cure the means
Her transgressions were exposed
And her secrecy were concealed
Unknowingly commited an offense
Y when turned and made a step
And transgressions before the sight
Made a heart repent and realise
Yet a sinner she is in all their sight
Never remembered there was a light
Said Lets pray and lead your path
Still she felt imprisoned at heart
Indirectly a sign was given to her
Each one of them depart
The storm is passing and shes alone
As for others God forgives
Still the lost woman drowns and bleeds.
Her cries were heard on cement walls
The bed were drowned in screaming calls
Yet shes a sinner not needed to hear
And as though repentance was clear
Still their words breaks to rear
While God was merciful and forgiving
Her people keep sins in reminding
And she rise up but theres a huge grasp
And for a while a minute of repentance
A sinner forever in their eyes.

Make thoughts Foundation

Make thoughts Foundation

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

We may experience many things that we thought were not relevant to some situations we have at the moment. And many times we don’t like the moment or situations we are in but God has a plan that we don’t know nothing about. He has His ways to teach us through people that we may learn and gain more experience to be encouraged and to be prepared to the future that awaits us. For who knows what would happen the next day or to the future?

Our own thoughts may be a little too extreme and mostly we make our efforts and try to make our plans on our own. Yet in a moment of truth when doubts comes in we know that some of our plans are irrelevant and will not hold for so long…but only for a while.

Things may change but the fact is that our experiences are one of the things that can bring us to the success and happiness and Contentment in life. We may not understand yet the will of God at the moment but when you reached the top, then you will always look back..and smile. God loves you and God knows what He does with you.

I never had understanding in my younger years, I wanted to do things right away and I was too bad to wait. I was too impatient and unpolite towards time. But I realise through the years that patience brings victory and that a person who carefully studies its steps and plans are the one that consider the costs along the way. It is like building a house. You must find a good ground and you must dig a stable foundation and build its poles so the walls may stand. And then building the walls at its heights and makes a separation for every rooms to distinguish that differences of every rooms to be made.

It might  not be easy to do it because majority of people and even I has the wrong foundation in the beginning. I tend to think negatively first and I do things constantly without thinking thoroughly about plans and then when I failed, I am devastated. It was different if I failed and saw that there was something good at it and there’s something that needed to be developed. Not so, but mostly, I build up things and didnt work therefore there was nothing to develop at all, nothing required to be reused instead have to do it all over again.

We shall have a good motivation as the scripture instructs : Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.
This is a strong and simple guidance. Trusting the Lord with all your heart can make your mind at peace and not leaning on your understanding will create a new course of life in you. For your thoughts may seemed good at the moment but the thoughts and plans of the Lord will keep you in safety and wisdom. As you achieve things, as long as you acknowledge Him, your path will be directed in light and spiritual growth.
2 Corinthians describes how we tame our thoughts bringing down the arguments of our minds into being obedient to Christ where Colossians speaks that we shall focus on the things above rather than the things on this world.

So I would liek to encourage you, No matter how life turns an no matter how thoughts runs in your head day and night. Never entertain the those that would bring sorrow and sadness in your heart. Divert it into a powerful thoughts full of hope and vigour. Transform it into a blessing for others!

A Thoughts to Light

A Thoughts to Light

The Questions of Human Minds!
If There is God!!!
My Testimony !!!
I will share you something that would give you a bit to consider.
I might not satisfy you with it, but it’s not my job to convince you or satisfy you.

Animals have life, all of the living creatures have hearts and blood. Mentioning even the trees can bleed. They can feel, they have emotions, they can be satisfied with food, care and nourishment. Some of the creation can’t speak and their lives are not be able to be distinguished how they would live life without human hands whom would see after their needs and tend after to nurture them. And mankind seems to notice without a word and attend to the needs of an animal or a plant. The body language and face language are the best thing that they can use to express whenever they are satisfied, in awe or in pain.

Humans have life, everyone have hearts and blood. They beat the same yet the directions are not on the same path. They can feel, they have emotions, they have thoughts, they have voice, they have a free will to choose between right and wrong. Mankind can be satisfied with many things. Can be material, emotional, words, food, clothing, shelter, literate knowledge and many more.
Without other people socialising to each other, many can become stressed, depressed, sad, lonely, and isolated. Without people loving and caring for each other, they would grow cold and they will become bitter and pessimistic in all kinds of life. They can affect others and life can become absurd.

For some who live without God, they just live life like it’s not important if they would die now, for they just want to satisfy themselves in all that they find and can be bought and satisfies themselves in all that they can feel. Some would just not care what they say and do, some would just express even their evil thoughts towards others. For some who has not belief, life would just turn the same everyday. Seeking for satisfaction everywhere, anywhere and anytime not knowing the consequences of the things spoken or done. Life rolls and goes by.

Yet for those who have faith, there is a huge struggle of wanting to live life holy and separated from what is ordinary. There is a life filled with desires to serve others and the cares of these life was not so much important as it were. The forming of the inside to literally bring out the soul to its existence is huge and the desire for good is always there..naturally.

All of the things upon the earth HAVE LIFE to live. MANKIND And ANIMALS have breath and has purpose in different ways.

Even if you argue with all your theologies about science and evolution with me.
Never will I accept that I am a monkey. For my hands are two that they may work accordingly with my brain, and my feet may walk wherever I want to go in according to my command. I could speak from within my heart and I could sense the magnificent work of the Eternal God who created me in His image. The image of His everlasting character.
That my voice are clearly spoken and I can command my body to follow what I want to do, my brain works and my thoughts comes from nowhere that I may establish my ways for the fullness of a day.
I am created in God’s image, fearfully and wonderfully made. That I may have dominion over the birds, the animals, the fish, the sky, the land, and over the sea.
That I may choose to do good things towards other creations of God and that I may live a good life and have a good influence of character towards my children and other people.

I breath life everyday and even at nights when I’m in bed.. I might not know what would happen tomorrow if I would wake up and see the world again, I would not know if I would touch my kids again, love again, and kiss my husband’s lips. As I would lay in bed, I wouldn’t be sure if tomorrow, I can look at people’s eyes and tell them that I like them, I love them and I would like to drink a coffee with them. For I am sure that my every day is written in the book of God, which is my book.
I breath and plan what to do for the next day, and the other day and the next year and what to do for the future. Yet all my plans change through time. I understood, because I am human, I can change my mind like the wind. I can shift my feet to go to the left rather than my plan to go to the right.

Now I’ve seen God’s glory, expressed through all the living things around me. I challenged myself therefore to know what is the truth. And yes, I found indeed.

God holds every breath of human life. When time is up, you are gone in a second. In few years time, some may remember you, and some may forget you. Some may remember your good deeds and some may remember your evil ways.
Some may not even care, and some might be happy you are gone.

God does not change and His love endures forever.
It’s not late, to have faith in God.

For Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father except through Jesus.
For there is no salvation in No One Else.

Your career, religious traditions, money, house, literate knowledge, this will never give salvation to your soul. Your body will die but your soul will live and it will be the one whom will face the judgment of the Lord.

“evidence of God’s existence. The Bible states, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world” (Psalm 19:1-4). Looking at the stars, understanding the vastness of the universe, observing the wonders of nature, seeing the beauty of a sunset—all of these things point to a Creator God. If these were not enough, there is also evidence of God in our own hearts. Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us, “…He has also set eternity in the hearts of men.” Deep within us is the recognition that there is something beyond this life and someone beyond this world. We can deny this knowledge intellectually, but God’s presence in us and all around us is still obvious. Despite this, the Bible warns that some will still deny God’s existence: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1). Since the vast majority of people throughout history, in all cultures, in all civilizations, and on all continents believe in the existence of some kind of God, there must be something (or someone) causing this belief.”

Surely, because I believed in the name of Jesus.. my name is written in the Book of Life. And I would like that you also would know, that you are loved by God and He is waiting for you to confess your sins, believe in Jesus, be baptized and keep and live your faith and you will be saved.

May You be blessed from now on and Forever.

Yours  Rochelle

Willow Tree

There was a man who found a willow
He took her as his own
He settled down and promised her
A love so true, promise of forever
He built her up and made her believe
That his heart won’t mak her grieve
And she rose her branches to receive him
Loved and cherished from within

He was her song in the morning

And he was her smile in evening
Her brilliant colours made spectacle
All eyes were drawn to her in wonder
Yet one day he bid goodbye
So she wept under the sky
And her heart was deeply dismayed
She wept as her coulours fade away.
And as time passed by he changed
His smiles had never been the same
His eyes turned dim when he stares

His willow started catching tears

And all the while he built her lies

From time to time it reveals his eyes

His heart became as cold as ice
He broke her heart and she moaned and cried
She holds her face beneath the leaves
As her tears fall down her cheeks
She watched him fly away
Leaving her with all the empty dreams

He looks at her like she’s a stranger

And he passes like shes not there
The willow tree weeps harshly
And in her weakness she sets him free.
And the wind brought the sound of her cries
And the river carried the tears from her eyes
Day and night…until the willow died.

Written by: Karla Rochelle Darang
Apple Blossom by the River

You Are My God

You Are My God
You are the glory of my head
You are the saviour I needed
You are my life and my passion
In Your Spirit I am strong
And this is who I am in You
This is who I am…in You
When the mountains stood against me
You sustained me with strength
I moved the mountains through faith
And the ocean calmed in Praise
When my soul is weak and tired
You told me not to be afraid
You filled my heart with grace
And this is who I am in You..
You are the air that I breath
You are my refuge and my hidaway
You are the beat of my heart
and the light of my way
you are the one who makes me blessed
in Your Spirit I am strong
and this is who I am in you
this is who I am.. in you
When my heart is broken
You saw me crying and catched my tears
When everything seemed failing
You made my knees strongly standing
You held me with your power
And surrounded me with your angels
Your love had driven away my fears
and in your arms I am home
this is who I am., in you

Written by: Karla Rochelle Darang

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When I am sad
The Lord lift my head high
And when the tears fall down
He catches them with His bare hands
When I feel alone
And my soul mourn
The Lord shows me Im home
And his love keeps me going
To where I should go…. along
His light leads the way
As the truth be known
Because I know… im hommmeee
I’m home in His arms
He cares for me thats true
Everyday my strength is new
He never leaves
He wont forsake you
And leads you home….
When the road seemed
Too narrow to walk
And the hills seems to
Fall over my head
His presence cover me
He holds me in His hands
His wings become my shelter
And when I look above the sky
The Lord tells me Im home…
Im home in the arms of a King
A gentle voice like waters in my ears
Im strong in the arms of a King
With a power of thunder and lighting
When I feel i am to falter
He raise me up with thousand angels
To show me I dont need to look away…
Im already home…

Written: Karla Rochelle Darang

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How is Divorce deep within?

How is Divorce deep within?

2016 I wrote this message… and looking at it.. while my own marriage is broken…and Im divorced twice.. Funny.. really funny.. but its true.

When marriage is in shaken, walking away is not the answer.
Calm down and speak with each other. Don’t call for emergency numbers and talk around.
Call God in the hotline of Prayers of not asking why!
Walking away is for people who are not capable of going to the next step of their lives.
Marriage is Honorable, and the bed undefiled. This means that when the shake is on the run, don’t think it’s over. Don’t take your shoe and don’t pack your bags and leave. Don’t call your peeps and say ” hey man! My husbands leaving me, or my wife’s leaving and I don’t know why, bla bla bla” who cares?? They don’t know you both much than you know each other well. You live together and not with them.
Don’t exchange the years together and end it into a one day leave. Marriage is not like movies, it is hard work and it is handling the motions day by day. Overcoming the waves by walking upon the water and trusting God and His love endures forever.

Sometimes, misunderstanding are huge and there are people around that really waits for both to split up. Because that’s how they handle responsibility. And if you agree with what they sketch you, you will be drawn to be like them. Broken and immature. Do not be conformed by this world. Because the world tells you that if you’re unhappy, you got to leave! The world tells you that if you are not satisfied then find another one! If your expectations are not met then divorce. That’s sucks and stupid! That’s the world! That’s not you! You are not of this world! You are a child of God!
If you are in an abusive relationship! I advise you to leave! If your husband or wife is irresponsible, bring him to authorities, if he does not comply with the law then you have to decide whether you leave or stay!
People who are not willing to handle responsibility are the ones who thinks walking away is the answer. PLEASE Stop! That’s foolishness!
Stay calm, and begin from the beginning. Learn to humble yourselves and submit to one another. Hear the case of one another, place your complaints about each other. And when all had been revealed, forget the problem and the records of wrongs. If you ask forgiveness, it is humbleness. if you get down in your knees and seek to serve your partner, it is not self-seeking.when you take your partner and move the change with him or her, it is kindness. If you set your heart to forgive even when there’s no harm done, it is love.
Speak good for one another and remember the love you had from the beginning! Start from there! ” I love you and I want to marry you”
Words sometimes are not needed but a big embrace and touch and affection and compassion is what needed!

Learn to spend time and listen to each others heart. And I’m not talking about abuse here. I’m talking about marriages that sometimes have been affected by environmental views.
Remember the words of wisdom!
Wisdom that comes from God and not from the world.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Remember, when you stayed and reached until gray hairs! You will not regret you made a good husband and wife!
Everybody goes this trials you know!
And few succeed!
It’s not because we live in the millennium and it was different before, but it’s because through the years, people become more and more self centered that’s why they fall!
And I don’t hit anyone’s toes! This advice is for me and for others who are in marriages right now! Or on the way to get married!