Göta Court of Appeal in Jönköping Sweden

Göta Court of Appeal: Göta Court of Appeal was established as early as 1634 by Queen Kristina’s guardian government. The Court of Appeal in Jönköping began in 1639, was taken into use in 1650 but was not completely finished until 1665. The building in French classicism, was built under the direction of master mason Heinrich Gottwald, probably according to drawings by Simon de la Vallé. The entire facade of the building is provided with hewn sandstone from Trånghalla northwest of Jönköping.

According to a sign on the house, the building is Jönköping’s oldest house, and has been used for administration of justice since 1650, and is thus the building in Sweden that has been used the longest for this purpose!

Göta Court of Appeal has been a building monument since 1935.
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