Just Accept It

Life is Beautiful if You Open your eyes

Hi there! Its good to meet you!Just wanna share with you a Word!Wisdom comes by age they say, indeed. But wisdom comes through the experience of going through pain, sorrow and loneliness. You have to grasp it to find the truth. And to know the truth, You should be the TRUTH!Accept yourself as it is, Accept your failures they’re done. Accept the things you can’t change. Wether it wasn’t your fault or others, You don’t need to blame everyone. Just accept it. And learn to navigate the truth and filter yourself from the voices that drags you to not grow. Don’t over love yourself, but give your soul some truth and feed on the wisdom from heaven. It will add you years and will make your days younger and peaceful.

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Published by Karoda

Mom. Disciple. SingleMon. Young. Singer. Artisan. Nurse aid.

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