Art Dailly Process

Why do we have to practice things beforehand? Why can’t we just go and do it? Is it because we are afraid of rejection and disappointment?

ON SOME PART, I totally agree. Sometimes small things aren’t easy to handle for us. It may take a few moments to complete some task whoch normally take an hour to do. So here’s my catch on how to Inspire you. My art is the expression of that moment of challenge.

Daily Drawing is one of best practices in Art. Even if u dont feel like it. You draw to exercise discipline and self focus. Art is just one example of life’s challenges. In reality, you have to work with yourself and carry on with your responsibility even if you does not feel like it. You have to. You should. And You shall.
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#art #painting #watercolor #fineart #colors

Published by Karoda

Mom. Disciple. SingleMon. Young. Singer. Artisan. Nurse aid.

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