Are we Brave enough?

I am starting to think that bravery was heroic. Until I realised heroic phrase shouldn’t be needed, instead we should have said… Willingly…

There are many times in life we have tried the best to sooth others from our personal opinions and personal views. Just because we don’t wabt to hurt them we tend as if it is a respect to agree with what they say all the time.

On the other hand, I have noticed that there are bigger chance a person is to be believed when they have influence. Wether leader or a boss. Our courage becomes like an invisible matter where we only practice on others that are weaker than us. Unknowingly..

There were instances in life where I found out that I wasn’t trying to please but I wasn’t either brave to stand on my own at times. So I have learnt to speak myself out on certain circumstances whenever needed. Not to disrespect others but due to topics that sometimes are against my moral standards.. Ive learnt to be brave enough.

Bravery is also standing against the notions of life. Sometimes it can be unfitting situations that reveals a huge mistake.. Sometimes it can be difficult circumstances where we have to face reality, acceptance and looking at the situation logically.. It is bravery to hope for a change. It is bravery to love without something in return..

I know that bravery is not just to do with just saving others lives. I believe you also save lives through the discipline of your own tongue. I know its bravery to stand up on what is right wether uncomfortably or not satisfying enough. It needs willingness to do so… And I believe

Once in our lifetime.. We have to ask ourselves…

Are we truly brave enough?

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