When I thought I inspire, thats when I felt it is for myself!

I have been in a livestream for while and I have wandered from my blog. But here I am to write something that I have learned this week.

Recently, I have been talking about inspiring others. I have been motivated to spark others and sometimes while seeing them coming up, I felt Im being left. And that emotion had made me feel absurd for some reason and caused me to be suspicious about others thinking they were using me.,

But that is not the case. I have weighed my thoughts for some time and observed the people I assumed were not real. And I have been watching how people react on certain messages I convey, how do they perceive me and how do they look at me? What do they think and what do they know?

I have heard different comments about how I inspired others. And it felt so good that I could do that. Of course not of my own but of God. And it is a pleasure to serve other people through the free platform where I dont need to hire a local to speak. The website is free for Journaling and the Youtube is free for video messaging.

I discovered, that as much as I have earned experiences..the situations I went through were not the same as theirs. But the struggles and pain we felt were all the same. And the sleepless nights had made us all feel suspicious and afraid of others. It wasn’t really the environment that affects us, but our assumptions and fear had made us far ,,,,

So i dedicated myself to inspire others. but the more I inspire, I felt useless. and the more I speak of encouragement, the more I felt weak. I guess its because the message we usually give to others are the message more intently made towards ourselves. When I thought I inspire, I felt it is for myself. So I encourage you to keep moving and insipiring other people. Because you have no idea what life you are changing… You have no idea who you ar einfluencing!


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