Behind the Name!

I am a freeman with a strong personality. But i always have to battle, i always have to dealt with suffering and I always have to roar.

My name is Karla Rochelle Darang Rosenberg. I grew up by the name ROCHELLE and a nickname OSEL. KARLA derived from = Kings name. CARL, CHARLES and KARL. meaning Freeman, Strong Personality.
ROCHELLE derived from= Rachel, Rakel (hebrew name) and a CITY OF FRANCE, an OLD HARBOUR. Meaning Little Rock,to roar, battle cry’ ; hrok ‘rest,to repose
= I am a freeman with a strong personality. But i always have to battle, i always have to dealt with suffering and I always have to roar.
In my character, i am confident and free. I am adventurous and very keen to seek new things. I can inspire and I can be a good help to everyone. But despite of this good side, I am weak in some things like everybody else.
I love the name given to me. But I’m confident to the name i grew up with.

at School I was bullied by the name KARLA. I Was called by many people with a following defamation and unpleasant words that led to my self defence at young age. but by friends and Family I was called ROCHELLE. WITH FAMILY I was known to be caring, naughty, and sometimes out of hand. My teenage years were built by the name ROCHELLE. And I was called funny, witty and very open. I was myself. Then I came to Sweden and I was called KARLA. My self confidence deteriorated. Some people described me by how they look at me. Because of the tragedies and failures, my name became the talk of town. My environment wasn’t described as my name should be. FREE.. some make fun of me and some made use of me.
TODAY I WANT TO TAKE BACK MYSELF. AND I WANT EVERYONE TO STOP CALLING ME KARLA. BECAUSE DESPITE THAT IT IS MY NAME. I grew up with ROCHELLE. Dont make fun of my name because for me, it is a very sensitive thing. I erase any memories done in that name..
In my belief… Some can still call me KARLA, especially at work. I CAN’T CHANGE THAT. but if possible.. If you can’t say anything good about my name. Better to silent your lips.
Name is everything. By name you have your self esteem. And by name God had provided you something to work with along with your character. If you can, try to call me in a name I already know…. Thank you so much for being understanding.

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