Hypocrites in the church

Just want to share a thought I have today. Thise who are married and are going through a hard time. Let your issues be resolved in your home and let God be your guide. Also.. If you allow people to advice you. Listen to those who have a been through circumstances that they had won victory together. Do not allow people whom were not even married make their own theory and creates worries in your mind. Some single people do not understand the secret of marriage. The communication, the adjustment, the roles of each and the responsibility towards one another. If a person that advice you that your partner is demonized and you better divorce, then you know what kind of lies they imply on you. Remember why you married in the first place. I speak fron experience and I spent my life in violent marriage and some unresponsible partners. Marriage is not always as blossom as it seems, it has its ways of updates and new learnings all the time.. But, There are exception to divorce. Violence and negligence.. Violence when your partner always abuse you, Negligence when your partner disregards you and ignore your needs and neglect your marriage to blossom. Other than that.. Its a role and responsibilities to perform. God provides at all times.

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