Refined to be Precious Stones for God.

Luke 12:24 Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap; they have no storeroom nor barn, and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds!

I remember when I thought i would die. I was reminded by Yeshua’s way of life and on his way to be delivered to the hands of the evil and wicked people. His life was focused on what God commanded Him to do. And when death is near Him, He cant escape but with aguish faced it and obeyed Gods will.

And I was reminded. Yeshua did not focus on how evil the people were. He mentioned the evil and wicked deeds but with grace. After all, his judgement were right. He shut his mouth. He warned them in gentleness and in straighteness.

In silent observance, Just as Lot shut his Mouth and Eyes He pursued what is right and did live according to gods purpose so is Yeshua (Jesus) life. And He lived and taught what He was sent for. As Jesus continued His purpose. He broke the curse on earth and reconciled mankind towards God and this is the freedom in soul which we now live..

Isnt it wonderful how powerful God is and how powerful the sacrifice to give a son for the redemption of others crime? Isnt it fascinating that a Father would be willing to give away His own begotten just to take our place? And isnt it crucial that we are so selfish that we never think of it although we knew it well. We read it, we heard it still our conscience live the faith like it was something traditional and cultural like dancing waltz.

From that day i realised i was looking on the wrong direction. I realised, I was a bad quality of gold and cannot be of use. If i were compared to a tree, i was a branch that looks leafy and healthy yet dying inside and just a blowing of the wind it could easily just rip me off and Im definitely cut-off from the tree.

And I made myself reminded and clear. I have to watch out every day about my life, my words, my character mostly to my family and I have to pursue what is right and do what we are commanded. It is hard. And it is very humbling to put yourself down and behind set others before you. But for the winning of good attributes, it brought me well knowledge and wisdom. It taught me that the world does not revolve around me but the world is dependent on each other and especially to its maker. And I was reminded time and again HOW TO FOLLOW JESUS. Commanded to FOLLOW JESUS. and Following not just means going after the Master before you. LITERALLY, TO ALSO walk his ways, imitate all his deeds. Practicing the things he had taught ang making yourself more closer to the character and attitude that the Master lives by and His teachings. All in all, To be ALIKE THE MASTER…

SO I looked on my life. Do I win souls and baptise them to Christ? Do I disciple people? Do I really live the life I preach? Does my family who knows me well see the changes in me? Do they see me or Christ in me? Am I a jewel that is worth all the passing through fire? These are the questions i put myself. And I challenge you as my beloved Brothers and sister in Christ.!

It is of course full of anguish and sadness to see evil in our sight but we cant do nothing about it. Because the earth is exposed to the the devils schemes and will allure as many people as he can to pursue and do what is evil. It is heart wrecking to witness slaughter before your eyes, rape in your side, wars around your environment, killing in the streets, disrespectfull children in homes, treachery between marriages, betrayal between friends, lies between families, manipulation between society and its government, depressing days and anguish in hidden thoughts of every human being. All the evil things we witness every day are not bearable. This are the the things so horrible a mankind could witness in his days. But we shall never forget the GOOD THINGS WE WITNESS. It is tempting to only remember evil than good. So let us keep our hearts steadfast in the midst of challenges and trials. And all are for the benefits of our exploration and learning. We cannot do nothing about it, we can see while it happens, either we USE OUR POWER TO STOP IT UNDER pressure or EITHER WE PASS AND COMPLAIN why it happened. And the earth us full of life still. One dies and one is born. One looses and one wins. And we do not have differences to all living things. We meet the same fate of being born and dying. Yet our higher differences is the will to excellerate ourselves to search for our Creator, to seek After Him. To create an intimate relationship with Him. We are born to experience life, and then we meet the challenges and then we excel, and then we face trials for proofing of being a 100 % pure jewel. Then we walk through fire for refining and there we are formed either a bad quality in result of our mindset or either we are a beautiful gemstone that never Hides any defect but outshines all the things and requires a higher bidding and sets apart for its quality and price. For it deserves a good and honorable owner.

We also have to work harder. We have to strive harder. Double Job!

Let us bring down the walls that we built around ourselves with thought of protection against harm. Why are we so afraid of that? When we know that we are in Christ and that Christ is in us? Why are we so afraid to break the walls which we always thought was the devils plan. When we have demanded the walls to become our comfort zone and it made us weak and afraid all the to see what is outside the wall? Once you are born again, this walls are broken and once you are born again. This walls shall go down. And the walls that you get used to live with shall depart from your mind and your life. For your life is yours but your soul is of God.

I had lots of pain. I had lots of violent tragedies that left trauma in my life. But this pain and sufferings is too little to compare to the sacrifice of a father and the obedience of the Son of God.

I had lots of anguish. I had lots of old things behind me whom God had washed away. Still incomparable to what Yeshua did.Therefore I overcome it
And i live the life not of my own but for serving others and my family.

So no matter how much you go through in life, it must be so sad and so full of sorrow and pain. Never allow it to manipulate your emotions to extent that your mind will lead ypu to doubt of who you are. Remember that it dont stay long. You will be given strength to make it through and it will be your precious jewel(wisdom) to gain such knowledge after the trials.

Focus your eyes to the ONE THAT REDEEMED YOU!. FOCUS TO GOD THAT SAYS in 1 Peter, God cares for you. LISTEN TO THE VOICE THAT SAYS, I will strenghten you and my strength and power is enough for you to overcome this things. Focus your eyes to the goal of salvation. Your salvation is not the day of being born. Your salvation is the day you stood faithful and honest all your days.


Love and Care


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