Mockery – is avoidable

Mockery is the prime weapon of the dark impulses within Man.
It is the most effective obstacle to prevent you from moving forward and upward—the thought that perhaps people will say, “Why are you behaving today differently than you did yesterday? Weren’t you good enough then? Are you really so great today?”
And the most powerful mocker is the one within your own self.
When you start something you know is good and right, and you hear a voice inside saying:
“Who do you think you are? Hypocrite! You know what you were up to just a moment ago!”

mockery is provocative. it hinders you to achieve the things that are purposely been prepared for you. So i encourage you to do not lend an ear to mockery. Either the voice that whispers in your mind or by the voices that whispers in your ear.

—know that what you did a moment ago is irrelevant.
All that matters is what you will do right now.
Any voice that holds you back from moving forward—no matter how justified it may sound
—any such voice is a voice of destruction and decay,
not of growth and life.

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