Adventure everyday

Life is amazing. Sometimes you meet the challenges and it brings you to higher level of awareness about your limits. And there are times it brings you learning for the sake of development and awareness of your skills and the presence of what you already have.

The thought of accepting who you are and what you are in the course of life is the best thing that could happen in you. Where God brings you into different types of life challenging moments to see where you stand. Wether you continue the journey or you break and end the walk. Wether you would complain or you would bw thankful in all circumstances.
For in every trial there is a specific skill in you that is needed to be used in such cause..and every hour you are developing and growing in such a special way.
So appreciate life and all that is in it. For God is a great God who gives good opportunity so we can become wise and knowledgeable in life. So in that case we can also be a blessing to those who lost the capacity to stand for themselves. Challenge yourself to achieve the best out of this journey and do what is right before God.

You know that in every challenge and tests of life it will only make you stronger and it will teach you to know more what your goal in life is. It makes you knowledgeable of the things that you should do and it warns you to what you should avoid. People we meet in life has different purpose in our development. Let us embrace them wether they stay or leave. Because it is right for us to manage our behaviour that we are stable enough even though people change. Life has amazing features, the presence of darkness in life are the things that most ourself are exposed. We are like birds not knowing the time or hour when a hunter is behind us. So let us be wise in gaining experience, and let us be knowledgeable in learning from our mistakes. Let us take that step towards the future, not on few time but think that future is an hour ahead, might be tomorow or might be right this time.

Embrace life and all that comes along your journey. Have joy in all things for you have the capacity to change and to excel to become powerful and Godly. Look at those who can’t afford to be strong, we are made to complete them.

Let your life be a living witnesses to those who do not believe. Let your life speak what you believe and let it be the demonstration of your faith.
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