the Gospel in Video Clip

check the Gospel in Video Clip.
the best thing is to preach the Gospel and then it is their decision to follow Him.
Gospel of Jesus
– all have sinned and fall short glory. no one is righteous. and no one has self righteousness.
– seek Him while He is found.
– for God so loved the world.
– he sent Yeshua to redeem the lost souls.
– repentance is turning away from sins. a great remorse and stop doing things God hates. did you lie white or black, steal  ( took something that is not yours or borrow without returning it ), sexual activity outside marriage, kissed bowed gave incense to a statue, witchcraft, medium, horoscope, yoga, crystals new age, myth, false witness or false statements, disrespectful to parents, hatred, bitter, angry all the time. now, repent from this and confess to God.
– forgive. believe.
– be baptised for the forgiveness of sins.. you dont need to wait for a pastor to baptise you. biblically all followers of Yeshua are disciples and are legible to baptise.
– be baptised with the Holy Spirit. receive the gifts.
– Behold all things have passed! The new man has come.
– NOW YOUR LIFE IS OF GOD and not yours anymore. so do His will.
– and God gives the  righteousness of Yeshua so that we are able to come to Him and call Him ABBA!
– Saved by grace and not of your own.
– live a disciple life. its for everybody.
– pray for the sick. heal the sick. cast our demons. preach the gospel.
– make disciples. just like the way you are taught.
– read your bible.
– when people are angry because of your faith. keep silent and love them.pray for them.
– All the time FOCUS ON YESHUA.(Jesus)
– fast and pray.
dont be shy to ask God. knock at His door when you dont understand something.
– stop calling friend when u have problem. pray and talk to God first and fast.
– avoid indoctrination that is not biblical. avoid theories and theology..
– at work. at street. be led by the Spirit. pray for people that the Spirit leads  you into.
dont forget to preach the gospel for those who are willing to listen.
– let go of people when they dont want to hear the gospel. know for certain that the kingdom of God has come near them.
– dont proclaim when u helped a person in need.
– when persecution comes, dont complain and nag. BE shows you are in the right path.
– accept the critics as challenge.
keep calm.
– dont worry about the news. keep yourself busy doing the works Jesus commanded.
–  while the world is getting worse. keep working till the end is near. so we will not be found lazy when Yeshua comes.
• make disciples= preach them the gospel.pray for the sick.cast out demons.when they believe and are eager.baptise in water and holy..
– this is LIFE IN YESHUA HAMASHIACH. I live it daily everywhere and even  to my family.

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