don’t be nagger and a complainer, you will rot and you will loose your life!
if it’s difficult, endure.
if it’s hard, persevere.
if there’s trials, keep moving.
if there is pain, ask God to heal
if there is hate, be forgiving
if there’s distraction, be focused on your goal.
if there’s dismay, be encouraged.
if there’s infidelity, be faithful.
if people are hard heart, keep loving.
if people are mad, be calm.
if people are in darkness, be the light.
if people talk against you, be quiet.
if people harm you, be forgiving.
if people mock you, be patient.
if people need You, give time.
if people are  ruthless, be kind.
if people are cruel, be merciful.
if people are judgemental, be watchful.
if people are liars, be honest.
if people are drunkards, be sober.
if there is a mountain, command it to go.
if there is a storm, be grateful.
In good and bad times, be prayerful.
if there is no one who believes,
don’t ever be ashamed of your faith.
Keep your eyes to Yeshua and follow His path.
Dont deny Hashem.
Be proud you’re not alone!
God is with you wherever you go.
– Rochelle Fäldt

Published by Karoda

Mom. Disciple. SingleMon. Young. Singer. Artisan. Nurse aid.

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