A Call For Turning towards God!

Theological learning is too much of talking and reading of worldly knowledge that leads you to another level of knowledge that is able to wander you away from the Gospel of Jesus!

If  you want to learn enough,
If  you want  to know about God,
If you  want  to have an intimate relationship with your God,
Read the Bible  and let the Holy  Spirit  teach you. For  the word is in Spirit and the word will become flesh once you take it into your heart to keep it and do it. And the word will give birth  the fruit of thy searching and  the witness about the Son of God, making you awake knowing the Messiah that came.

Stay away  from  the  strange evil doctrines of The world. It makes you wander around  from The reality of God’s existence and will make you futile through  denying The messiah that had been crucified for redeeming The children of God. The Doctrine of the world that makes you an alien to the knowledge of the Holy Spirit  and the mysteries of God.
Stay  away  from the doctrines that will turn you away from the living and true God, for this world has a cup  of malice and destruction and the frustration of its anger is upon all men that will seek the light. And in  its fierce, the intent of the adversary is to steal, kill and destroy the very image of God, that the souls of men shall be fed with him in fire and brimstone that even death can not escape!

Seek therefore the kingdom of God and make your hearts perceive the message of the Lamb that takes away the sins and washes away the transgressions of every mankind through  the birth of men in water and of  Spirit. Turn your hearts towards Him and repent from your evil ways and evil thoughts that you may find freedom and life. For you can have the place as a royalhood children of God that can also lead a blind, restore a lost  and contrite soul.
Hear therefore for the time has come!
the Holy Spirit  prompts that you all may  take it seriously the word that proceeds from the mouth of God which you have heard and read from time to time!!

Thus is the message of the Spirit in my heart!

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