Todays Wonder – Jönköping City and Råslätt Community

Praise YHWH!! Holy is the Lord of Host!!! 
Healing and Mercy is in His Hands.
Today, The disciples are out in the streets. Brother Gunnar, David, Fredrik and Sister Karla and Sister Jing.
Jönköping City, Sweden is in Celebration of Independence Day as of June 6 2016.
I was with brother Gunnar in the Bridge of Jönköping City and we prayed for a woman who had thyroid gland illness and she said that she will testify afterwards and she already Glorified God. Another woman in their group had a heart problem and feels the pain some time so we laid hands on her and she felt peace and said that she dont feel any pain at all.
Along the pathway, infront of the City Hall, we met an old woman and Brother Gunnar laid hands on her and she have been healed from her back pain and she was amazed and Glorified God. A woman was with her and she also have shoulder and neck pain. I laid my hands on her and the pain left and she had stress, worries and she just felt easier and lighter. She Thank the Lord God and will call me to come to their house to be prayed for her family and fellowship.
Later on, me and Brother Fredrik went to Råslätt where Sister Jing resides.We met with Sister Gemma and Lilly.
Sister Gemma and Sister Lilly preached the Gospel to a Muslim woman.
Sister Jing, Brother Fredrik and me went to the group of students. One man had been healed from his back pain and his left leg grew out and his hips came to right place and he was amazed. So we preached the Gospel to him.
The other group of students, one lady had a pain in her tailbone (coxis) prayed for her 3 times and she got healed. Then it the two ladies beside her wer shocked so Ive got the chance to preach the Gospel and share testimonies and they were thankful and glad.
Sister Jing and Brother Fredrik prayed for people within the group and and later I prayed for a muslim woman whom have been operated in the eyes and her right eye was closed. I prayed for her and she could move her eyes freely. She was thankful for the prayer.
Then I left the disciples and they continued…………..
I gave thanks to the Lord for He is Good. His Righteousness is above the earth!!!

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