Today’s Wonder – Baguio City, Philippines – Kickstart April 8-9 2016

Praise God for His righteousness and Holiness. HIS Kingdom is as pure and His love endures forever! Praise Jesus for the strength and boldness….

Day 2 Kickstart, Baguio City, Philippines.
Today was a wonderful day!
I’ve met an old man today who have crutches, he have had such constant pain and been damaged in his hips and he would feel pain in his hips whenever he would walk.. When I prayed for him. He got healed and the pain was gone.
He was very impressed and happy.

I’ve met my old Science teacher when I was 12 years old. He had crutches also and he don’t have knee plates at all in his left leg. I prayed for him and he said that he felt good because the pain was gone.
He was so much amazed and so happy. He wouldn’t have any needs of his crutches any time soon.

A group of young people were in the mall. So, one of them have uneven length of legs. When it grew they were shocked and they heard the Gospel of ChristJesus.

A woman I know got healed also from back pain.

Another friend to me has a child that has had fever and it left the child.
Praise God and Honor to Jesus…!
Hallelujah! – Karla Rochelle –

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