Church Kickstart! April 10 2016 Baguio City, Philippines – Quezpn Hill Extension

Praise God for His righteousness and Holiness. HIS Kingdom is as pure and His love endures forever! Praise Jesus for the strength and boldness….

The HOLY SPIRIT was so powerful today!
I was in a fellowshipping in a small village.! There was a disciple by the name of Edger whom have prayed and the young and old experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I stood and showed the practical training of God’s power in Jesus name!
Many people got kickstarted both young and old!!

One woman had knee problems and her legs grew out as a young people prayed for her.
And this woman prayed for One Man who has a pain in the shoulder whom supposed to go to massage and he got healed and could lift his arms again!

One old woman also got healed from a long time sickness of back pain and she was just so happy and sweet a young lady prayed for her! This old woman also has deafness that comes and goes and so a young man got kickstarted and prayed for her. She could feel the difference and she was just so happy! She told me that she felt that there is something that opened in her ear!  I preached the Gospel to some of them and had a fellowshipping with everyone in this group..

Legs grew out and pains had left! Sickness are gone! And the Holy Spirit is so free..!!

Praise God and Honor to Jesus…!
Hallelujah! – Karla Rochelle –

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