Today’s Wonder – Central Station

It’s amazing how God works in every people’s life. As we are out and living the life of being a Disciple of Jesus., we experience the life in the word. The more we go out, the more life hear and see who Jesus is. The more people become open to what and how should we be as Followers of Jesus.. I believe in every word of the bible. From the beginning to the end.
And this our daily testimony. As the modern Acts.
We were two disciples whom went out. Me and Sister Jing..
We went inside the Central Station as we used to do. We Spoke to some people, we have passed by many because not all are open to  receive a healing. 
Sister Jing approached a Muslim teenager and she got the chance to pray for her foot and it grew. one leg is shorter than the other and just by the command in the name of Jesus, the leg grew. She was amazed and yet she thinks its very interesting to have this experience. Sister Jing preached the Gospel to her and were open to speak and would like to meet again other day.
I approached to an old man. This old man was very happy that people cared and stopped by to just ask how he is doing. And yes! Ive seen how he cherished that some people he dont know talk to him and speak about the Gospel. Ive got the changce to pray for his back pain and then we prayed more and he was almost teary eyed to feel the peace and happiness. Just the meeting as we sat down and talked was a big thing for him. He says, ”im an old man and its not often people cared” 
He was happy talking to me and then when he rose up, he walks very well and not leaning on his crouch anymore. And he stood and walked with hope and in the name of Jesus he walked peacefully.
As I move on, Sister Jing is busy on other people and prayed for some whom have serious illness. I prayed for a man whom have shoulder pain caused by his job. A factory worker, and His name is Hussein, he was amazed that the pain was gone. and then I preached to him the Gospel and he was opened. He was baptised both in water before and have heard the Holy Spirit, and He was set free indeed.and beside that man, Sister Jing was growing out another leg hahahah. it was just so very amazing with Jesus name and the power of it.
 Me and Sis Jing went to the young people. One man and two ladies. One of the ladies witnessed what sister Jing had done with the man outside the window. she had withnessed how the leg grew and she was amazed. So sister Jing prayed for the first young woman and then I prayed for  the second lady whom had depression, and she felt dirty. and she was aware of what were doing, so Sister Jing healed the other girl whom have shoulder pain and in the name of Jesus she was healed. and while I healed the lady from her depression and anxiety and all the tensions in her neck and pains in her back. I commanded all the pain, anxiety and depression and the hurt to leave her in Jesus name. And under the freedom, her face lit up and her eyes were bit teary. This lady had a Christian background so she shared her life with me, and I preached the Gospel and she understood what to do. So I prayed more for her and she felt free. She said that she felt freedom. and all the pain and tensions were gone. And the name of Jesus were more powerful.
Then we prayed for a group of teenagers, two young ladies were open to receive a healing. the other had bruised marks and pain on her right leg and then I prayed , everytime I say be healed, it becomes better and better ans she is amazed everytime. Then the last pain I said its gone! and she was amazed because the pain was totally gone! and then we grew some legs and then suddenly, the whole team of teenagers presented their legs and the shorter legs grew out. they were all standing surrounding us. then when we were going out of the Central station, there was a teenage man who came and said ”Ive heard that you heal and pray for people, I have pain in my hands” as we look at his hands, he has swollen hands and little bit red. So we healed the hand in the name of Jesus. and he was amazed! 
outside the train station we found a young man, he was filled with worry and we prayed for him and Jesus had set him free. and Indeed his situation had moved me in my heart. I felt his heart. And God will bless him and help him. And this is the works of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Praises be to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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