Todays Wonder Train Station

It’s amazing how God works in every people’s life. As we are out and living the life of being a Disciple of Jesus., we experience the life in the word. The more we go out, the more life hear and see who Jesus is. The more people become open to what and how should we be as Followers of Jesus.. I believe in every word of the bible. From the beginning to the end.
And this our daily testimony. As the modern Acts.
I was out the other day and we were in the train  station, I stopped a woman but, she already received a prayer from other disciples. Yet I saw her walking around with faltering knee. I prayed for the knee and she could walk again with straight knee.
I prayed for a teenager and she wanted to stop smoking and had problems. She was set free after while and she was shocked why I know things that happened to her. Truth is, I had no idea. But I discern that she had been into some memory she couldn’t forget that made her drink and smoke. And that day, she was set free.

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