Todays wonder

Yesterday we baptised a friend whom at his point were baptised before but have not truly repented from his old life and sins. In Acts 2:38 it says the Baptism has something to do with the remission of sins and to cleanse the innerman and cleanse the conscience free from sin. SO He repented and he was baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. ANd as he got out of water we set him free from all that bonds him.
…today we prayed for people and many are not ready to receive the Gospel. But two certain man i prayed for is very special..
As it is written in the Scriptures that we go out and harvest.. The first man has back pain and stomach pain. I prayed against the pain and it left him,. I persuaded him with the gospel of who Jesus is and why we do this and he was astonished that he said he have never seen any people go out and seek people in the streets and heal. He asked a funny question where he says, is this new? and I have said, no! this is of old, like in the times of Jesus, in the times of the disciples. Where we are commanded by Jesus to go out and heal the sick, preach the Gospel. and truly he never heard of Jesus, 
.then I saw a man with a dark skin..I asked if he has pain but he seems healthy physically so i discern by Spirit and asked if he has broken heart, and it was indeed. We layed hands on him and prayed and He released forgiveness towards the person whom he had been conflict with. We shared who Jesus is.then later he said he is muslim. But he felt the Joy and the freedom in forgiveness.but wanted to keep his faith we moved on..
Later in evening, we baptised a friend to us. He is baptise in Jesus name. And there were strong manifestation of the unclean spirits in him.
Later he was set free..
All Praises to belongs to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
This is the normal Christian Go out and feel the life in the book of Acts and in Luke 10.

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