CNN and H&M established in Philippines

I have a big reaction when I saw on my faebook wall posted by a friend regarding the CNN and H&M established in Philippines recently.
It awaked some part of my body that I am not really into know..? maybe a little bit of vigilante…?

Link: Economy of The Philippines – Welcome H&M and CNN !!!

MY friends quote was:
#Philippines is really Changing..

In regarding this article…I thank you Miss Maila Rose Sengson for being a part of my blog article for the day…

and ”changing” word made my blood arise..well maybe my flesh too…my mind came up with many things… so we exchanged comments in between:

‪#‎Philippines‬ is really changing!!! 
TWO events occurred very recently that clearly showed how the Philippines has changed, and will continue to change, for the better in the future. But first, a brief digression: Several months ago, …

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