Times go by so quickly.. some meet new people…some are aging…some are newly born…and some are just acquaintances…im glad to see the people I have met before…and after a long time..seeing them again…in another reason of life…another situations…Life has different angles..and we produce the experience we gather on the way.. I have learned alot from those people I have met and those people who are already a part of my family…Im glad they have given me the chance to be part of their life too…
Ive met people today… it  is a birthday bash of my kids god mother Gemma… i dont have any idea how old she is but she is getting younger by the way…lol.. 
God bless Gemma and her family.. she had given me good teachings to know more about God and to be more focused on my belief…may she be used more in the expansion of the church and to encourage more families to be more Godly…
Praises be to God of Israel,…

Published by Karoda

Mom. Disciple. SingleMon. Young. Singer. Artisan. Nurse aid.

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