Philippine Travel Part 2 – November 2013

Here is the second part of my travel to Philippines, I have been outside Baguio City area.
Or my darling says, I have been outside the box..hahah.

Now, I have met different people and meet some old friends too. spend a lot of time having fun.and the best part was when I was with a police friend whose designated working in Baguio City Police office, hes name is Brookes, He is a wonderful friend. He was polite and honest. took care of me when I spent time with him with the group and Hes close to me. I like him as a friend. Thank you for the time and for the bullets in the police office shooting range. I engaged back my self confidence and self esteem.
Now baby Im back!!!

Now Lets get back to business darlings..!
I have met a wonderful woman named Medina or call her ”Meds”. Shes great and I love her. The time I see her was so amazing and I felt easily connected to her. And I have already thought that i will keep her as a friend and that I will keep her close to me. So I made some moments together with my bestfriend Jeannette, and my long time friend Bernadette.,.Oh before I forgot, There are small little angels there too, named Hera – Med’s daughter,  Sophia – Bernadettes daughter. Sophia calls me Mommy..!sweet.. And hera calls me Ate (big sister).. I have enjoyed my company with them.. so I’ll shut up for now and share you some photos,…

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