Out For Air

Would it be possible to get out and think that when you inhaled fresh air, it would really help you to sooth your body’s need of oxygen, and maybe.., yes maybe… it would even lessen your stress and give your brain some stimulans?

I woke up with an extreme headache and felt so anxious. I would blame it again for the weather but I guess I would blame it more on myself. I sleep late last night, I was busy, my mind was thinking too much things. Maybe it was not a good idea to share you what i was thinking then, It would just make you feel gross about it. 
I was chatting, netsurfing, facts, documentaries and seeking some funny pictures online. Well thats the only world I know for now, these digital world had made life a little bit busier for the modern people.
Time is 11 am and I must get up, got to meet some friend down the centrum. Have to have some fresh air i think, and see some new faces. I never knew it is very tiring to see my face everyday hahaha. I did get tired of my own face so I need to refresh my eyes in seeing new things and meeting new people, or they are not new but they seem new everytime hahaha coz i dont go out often. I go out through google surfing most of the time. hahaha
So, im all dressed up and going to meet Nori, shes a sweet young lady, married, thin pretty and sweet. I like her, I keep thinking wish I was thin like her, ahh but that was when I was 15 then. Now damn!! I am already 28. almost a decade hahahah..
We went to a secondhand butik and just looking for some old stuff, then after thirty minutes, we have to meet hezel. she is my old time friend. I like her too. Shes amazing.
Walking down town, time spent for having some coffee break, chatting and babbling, almost nonsense babbling but it was fun.- It made my mind busy though, at a time I made my brain refreshed and stiumulae are on. Eyes got tired, acid are bubbling in my stomach but Im alright.
So, I tell you, never loose hope. Take a deep breath whenever you feel down. Life have its ups and downs but if yours are always down, you yourself have to find some way to make it Ups… 
Get out!! Make friends, but maybe with limits! See things, new things!! and meet new people, sure people or maybe pretending to be people…hahahha I dont know…! try to do something..
so heres some pics..

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