One Special Woman…

Sister Lilly is a great woman. Shes marvelous in many ways. Her patience, good heart and most of all Christ-like character she got.

I could sum up alot of things about her but it seems that this blog is not even enough to describe her. Shes a good soul to be closed with. and I am so glad that I met her and became a part of my life. She left Sweden for good but somehow have plans of coming back for visits. Anyways, we will miss you Mama Lilly. I wish I came from your womb, a loving soul and warm heart. You have touched my entire family and specially me. all through this years we have been together, despite we were not so close, I felt that you cared a lot for me and my family. I am grateful. I have felt your embrace, so great that I never had that feeling from my real mother. In my heart you stay and hopefully to see you once again. I treasure your love from God. And I thank God GAVE ME YOU….
I love you with the love of the Lord…..

Sister Lilly and my daughter Vanessa

Grillparty at Sister Lilly’s place…
Irish and Sister Lilly, Me and Little Vanessa

That Wonderful Woman…

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