Graces to You God….

And who would care when Im broken, 
these people around me are temporary. 
My supplications you have seen,
these things around me doesnt last.
But you Oh God is forever living. 
Your mighty and grace will preserves me 
and lift me from my sin. 
People predict future 
Their words were not so sure.
Living life in pain and sorrow
illness that have no cure.
And I lift my hands in praises 
As I look upon your grace.
This evil creep for my soul
Ate me up till I crawl.
And I stand before thee
Bare hands and dirty soul
Yet you let your blood wash me
And took me to your throne.
You saved me from my sins
And you took away my shame.
And who am I to question you?
God of all the earth..
This ground under my feet
The footstool of your holiness.
So I stand before thee
with my hands up high..
Praises I give thee
With my heart open wide.
Graces to you Lord
The Father of all the earth..

Published by Karoda

Mom. Disciple. SingleMon. Young. Singer. Artisan. Nurse aid.

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