Sewing my coat and A dress…

I have been fascinated in Red Riding hood Coat and always wishing to have one. And yesterday, I saw a fine clothing in the tailoring shop I use to go to. It was color black though, not the one I was thinking but I bought it somehow and thought I will sew it for a try. I sat for five hours infront of the sewing machine just to finish it… and Voila!!! I have one now..It is not complete though I got the first step… Soon I will just have to find a Red clothing to make one coat for me…and I will be soaring the woods too hehehhe..

The Cloth I bought and some accesories with it.

The coat is done!!!

The two things I have sewn… Proud hahahha..

In september month..I sew a dress for me and my daughter… I was actually thinking of a fitted
dress but I ended up with a soft cloth I bought in a tailoring shop. I suppose to measure the dress in the store but I wasn’t able to do that, so I measured myself and there were some left overs of the cloth and I ended up to make one dress and a shirt for my daughter. Well it looks like these,…

The Summer dress I sew in month of September.

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Mom. Disciple. SingleMon. Young. Singer. Artisan. Nurse aid.

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