My Bestfriend………. Sweden Connection

In my five years living in Sweden, I have never had someone to be called the closest one… I mean a bestfriend… of course I have one but shes in Philippines….
Now…, I am about to tell you about my Girl I knew. We met in a bible study and at first, we doubt at each other and unsure to what we would say.. I smile and she smile in return. Oh it was in the year of 2011 somewhere in December. We were just two person with different backgrounds…
Two people who have alot of dreams and desires in life…
She is good at heart..most silently and eagerly determined to what she want.. She is a person full of life and seriousness…honestly I always break the silence between us…coz I am more humorous and full of things in mind that I just let go and it make us laugh together.. Im glad I’ve met her…I’ve seen her truthfullness as a friend and I am looking forward to grow old having same friend like her…
And together, We could look forward and backwards to think life and accept it as it is…
like we use to say…” oh yeah my friend, let it be….time will come for us…and we’ll see what we can..”
And I could say that she is amazing each day.. Since we met, there were things I have learned to speak with her, things that I know she would understand and things from her experience I can understand. I dedicate this for her…and to her… THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY LIFE, MY DAILY AND A CLOSE ONE TO MY HEART….
FOR YOU: Irish Suralta…..

Basta’t Maghintay Ka Lamang – Ted Ito
You’re My Bestfriend – Queen

Published by Karoda

Mom. Disciple. SingleMon. Young. Singer. Artisan. Nurse aid.

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