I have spend a time with my husband on a BIRKA PARADISE CRUISE. The travel from Jönköping to Stockholm took us siz hours on the bus., with all the pain in the back still managed to reach the boat terminal..
We sat in the second row at 6th chair near the door of the bus. and downstairs is a toilet room that you could only fit yourself to round about..hahahha…
Flush is a kick side of the toilet…hahha…I like that part.. infront of us are couples too whom were yelling at each other all the way to stockholm regarding the travel…It was really awkward hearing them coz they could not stop babbling at each other…

Anyway…we reached the terminal and have to wait 1 hour to departure.. I was kinda excited.. Its both celebration of my husbands 50th birthday so its the first time we are going to spend time with each other and escape the parenthood… for a felt so great…not hearing the kids yell and all that jumping and running stuff…

On our dining table booked for the cruise buffet… We met the Edin couple….they are so very entertaining and fun to speak with….and i am waiting for more meetings to see them in the future if God allows…its fun fun fun…..

Now…I am a little bit tired to press my keyboard buttons…so I will share the pics…

Oh by the way…I play the Vegas machine…and I am winning all the time..but everytime I loose…I kick it…hahahha-…


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