The Runner I met.

I got so very busy these past few months and not abe to have time to look at my blogs. But well, here I am… after all the messy exams in my Nursing Aid courses for the first sem, at last i finally pass them. I have finally  make it through to know that I will starting my 2nd sem soon.. A little Job training to look forward to. and well, got busy as well with the church. A running errands and things that suppose to be in places. Or faces must be in places too haaha….
id like to share pics… a little bit about CESAR GUARIN. the Philippine Runner who have dedicated his goal to RUN AROUND THE WORLD. Since 1983 he started to run in ultramarathon in Zamboanga to Baguio then decided to run for the FILIPINOs around the world. And his mission is to help the street children. Who could ever do that? I wouldve think hes simply a God’s Blessing to each and every children in Pinas… now.. enough with my blah blah blah… heres the pics….
please support …

Cesar Guarin and Moi. eating time.


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