My Birthday Celebration…..

Hi peeps,

March 31 2012
 I celebrated my birthday at home with special friends and with my close family. I enjoyed it a lot specially the gifts i got from them. I am so blessed to have few friends…I mean real close friends..coz all of them in the picture cannot be call friends by reasons that I do not know them actually. We just met thru people and never get close, always see each other on parties, but the close friend of the family is Gemma and her family, Girlie, and Elsie.
I welcomed all the visitors who came to my party and it was succesful.. I am happy that Mami Anita was there and she cook the best stew hehehe…. Ate Edna was a good ome to talk to, we spake to each other almost whole night and speaking in Ilokano. hehehe I miss the moment though…
Anyways, I will share some pics now….

The Birthday gal

Gemma, Anna, Me

Irish Baked for me…yeyyyy

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Irish best…Hopia Mungbeans

A friends Hug….

Gift opening is the best part…

Flower freak….

Flowers..and flowers…and more flowers heheh

Elsie and meeeee

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